Name of Complainant
Assassination Of President Kennedy
ALLAN SWEATT, Chief Criminal Deputy, Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

Date: Nov 23, 1963

At approximately 12:30 PM, Friday, November 22, 1963, I was standing with a group of Deputy Sheriff's about 30 feat east of the corner of Houston and Main Street on Main Street.

The president's caravan had just passed and about a minute or 2 I heard a shot and about 7 seconds later another shot and approximately 2 or 3 seconds later a third shot which sounded to me like a rifle and coming from the vicinity of Elm and Houston street. Several officers and myself from the Sheriff's department ran around the corner and towards Elm Street and Houston and were told that someone had shot at the President. A man by the name of "Hester" told Deputy John Wiseman that the shots had come from the old Sexton building. As we approached the building we were told the shots had come from the fence. Deputy Wiseman and a City Officer went to the front door of the building and I continued towards the railroad yards with Deputy Harry Weatherford and I stopped where I could see two sides of the building which was the west and south sides. Deputy Harry Weatherford went into the building through an open window on the 1st floor and Deputy Wiseman and the DPD officer went in the front door. On the far side of the building opposite me were some DPD Officers. At that time I was told the President had been shot and that Governor Connally also had been shot.

Officers started coming to the scene and approximately 15 deputy sheriff's and a number of DPD officers were at location. At this time, Inspector Sawyer of the DPD came to the front of the building and started taking names of witnesses and I suggested to inspector Sawyer that I get two deputies and send the witnesses to the Sheriff's Office for statements instead of letting the witnesses leave the scene. Inspector Sawyer agreed with this plan and as witnesses were brought together they were taken directly across the street to the Sheriff's Office to wait until statements could be taken.

While I was still at the front of the Building, Deputy Sheriff Luke Mooney stuck his head out of the 5th floor window and the Northeast corner of the building and stated he had found some spent cartridge cases and he was told to let them remain untouched until the DPD Crime Lab arrived on the scene.

Shortly after, a DPD officer brought a boy in a sport coat up and said "here is the man that had done the shooting". As officers started to question him, the crowd began to talk and pass the word around that this was the individual that had shot the President. At that time, in the company of the city officers, I sent 2 deputy sheriff's to take this man into custody and to take him to the Sheriff's office. Also Inspector Sawyer was informed of this and he sent a DPD detective to the Sheriff's office to talk to the boy.

At this time Sheriff Bill Decker arrived at the location where I was standing and I informed him as to what had been done up to that time. I then returned to the Sheriff's Office to coordinate the taking of statements and see that all persons that were in the office gave statements. I separated certain witnesses who seemed to have more facts than others and turned them over to Mrs. Rosemarry Allen of the Dallas Sheriff's office, Mr. Wallace Heitman of the FBI and Mr. Forrest Sorrells of the Secret Service, and they took witnesses to the Polygraph room of the Sheriff's Office where they obtained statements.

At approximately 1:30 PM, I received word that a Police Officer had been shot on Jefferson Street in Oak Cliff and the suspect was supposedly at large in that area. I immediately dispatched Officer's Buddy Walthers, James Ramsey, an Frank Vrla to the scene of the shooting. Officer Bill Courson of the Sheriff's Office joined with them in Oak Cliff. Apprehension was made of the suspect in the Texas Theatre and suspect was turned over to the Dallas Police Department.

After this we correlated all statements, getting copies separated and in separate files. Sent a complete set of all statements taken to Capt. Fritz of the Dallas Police Department

During this time, Deputy Bill Wiseman brought in two girls to me with some pictures they had taken. 1 picture was taken just shortly before the shooting of the President which shows the Sexton Building in the background. This picture was turned over to Secret Service Agent Patterson, who gave this woman his card, advising her that the picture would be returned to her.

I also received copies of pictures taken from a witness by name of "Betzner, Jr.", which have been included in the files of this case.

I have contacted all Deputies to come in this date and make their supplements of activities during the day of November 22nd, 1963.

I still have in my custody all original statements, supplements and copies of pictures by Betzner subject.

Allan Sweatt