Name of Complainant:
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Details of offense, progree of investigation etc:
(Investigating officer must sign)

Date: 11-27-63

Mr. Decker:

On November the 22nd, 1963 I had come on duty at 9am working the information window at the Dallas County Jail. About 12:15pm the window was closed where I worked and I walked outside and onto Houston Street to view the President's motorcade as it passed. A few seconds after the President's car passed me and had turned the corner of Houston onto Elm Street, I heard what I first thought was a backfire. I heard a total of 3 and after the last two (2), I immediately recognized them as being gun fire. I ran across the street and went behind the the railroad tracks and I did not talk to anyone over there and I helped them get the crowed back. I then waited for a while at the front enterance of the School Book Depository Building and then returned to the Dallas County Jail. I did not see anything but after I did come to the front of the building, I heard a man holler from the next to the top floor saying that he had found three hulls. I do not know who this man was, but he did have a suit on and I believe it was brown.

L.C. Todd