I had just looked out the window of the radio room facing Main St and watched the Presidential parade pass and as it turned the corner onto Record I looked over in that direction but was unable to see any of the vehicles from my location and about that time I heard three loud reports evenly spaced which I presumed to be rifle or shotgun blast. I looked at the time on the radio panel and it was about 40 seconds after 12:30pm as I was calling Dallas PD on the hot line and I asked the operator that answered if anything had been reported and she said no I told her that I heard what I believed to be three shots and she thought I was kidding. At that time all the traffic officers at the intersection of Main and Record started running and some were on their motorcycles with red light and siren wide open headed in the direction of the railroad area north of Elm St. About that time DPD called advised that the President had definately been hit condition unknown and was enroute to Parkland and the hospital had been advised to stand by.

Then DPD advised that Mr. Decker said to send every available deputy to the area of the railroad traak SS North of Elm St. To my knowledge everyone but Mr. Crews, Mr. Damron and myself went to the area to assist in the search for the suspected assassin. Squads 20, 25, 26 and various civil and constable units were in route also when Mr. Player advised that he was at the location and that there were sufficient officers at the location and the other units were not believed to be needed at that time. All units were advised to stay in their cars for emergency traffic also there were a large number of reserve units on the air standing by. Mr Ferguson came into the radio room and was assisting with traffic Dallas PD advised that one of their men had been shot in the vicinity of Beckley and 10th Sts. Squads 24, 26, 35 and various other units proceeded to the location where it was reported that the suspect eas believed to be in the Library at that location. Then it was reported that he was in the Texas Theatre on Jefferson, they also advised that Officer Tippen was dead.

Secret Service Unit 437 was desiring to know the location of Mr. Lyndon Johnson after several calls located Mr. Johnson at Love Field in Air Force

No 1 and advised SS 437 of same.

Grand Prairie called by public service and said Mrs. Cunningham called and said that a subject W/M no further desc. Driving a 1957 Ford green and white Texas license DT 4857 which was reported enroute to Ranger, Texas was involved in the assassination. All auth Grand Prairie DP message was broadcast, and a shorth while later Tarrant County advised that the subject had been taken into custody in the downtown area of Fort Worth.

Carrollton PD called on public service and said that someone had reported that the following vehicle had been parked near the Harry Hines circle for the last 3-4 days and very shortly after the shooting was reported the vehicle left traveling north on Harry Hines at a very high rate of speed. Description as follows, red 1963 Chevrolet Impala bearing Georgia License 52J1033, this information was broadcast to all stations North.

My /Relief Paul Johnson arrived at about 2:10pm and I stayed in radio room until about 6:45pm.

Watson, Radio