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While belief in big conspiracies may have severe logical problems, it can be very attractive in a lot of ways. To begin with, you don't have to discard any "conspiracy evidence." If you have "evidence" that points to the CIA, and "evidence" that points to Texas oil millionaires, and "evidence" that points to the Mafia, you don't have to decide which you believe. You can believe it all!

If a lot of evidence points to Oswald's guilt, and some of it was produced by the Dallas Police Department, some by the FBI, and some by the Warren Commission, you can dismiss it all, since they were all involved in the assassination or at least the "coverup."

If a lot of people oppose your attempts to "bring Kennedy's killers to justice," you don't have to stop and consider the possibility that you may be off-track. After all, all of them are part of the "coverup."

Which brings us to Jim Garrison.

The following is a list of groups that Garrison publicly implicated in the supposed plot to murder JFK, or in the "coverup." It is draw heavily from Milton Brener, The Garrison Case: A Study in the Abuse of Power (New York, 1969), Patricia Lambert, False Witness (New York, 1998), and Paris Flammonde, The Kennedy Conspiracy (New York, 1969). It is not inclusive: not every charge or wild statement Garrison made is listed. But it gives a good idea of the size and diversity of the sinister forces Garrison believed killed Kennedy and then opposed him.

Garrison's Charge Garrison's "Logic"
C.I.A & F.B.I. Oswald's associations were "exclusively" anti-Castro, and "these activities were carried out with the full knowledge and consent of the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. . . . And yet they remained silent while evidence was presented to the Warren Commission . . . ." [Brener, p. 202]
Lawyers defending people he suspected "We have reason to believe that Mr. Klein [attorney for Alvin Beauboeuf] has recently been to Washington, D.C. . . . We know that Plotkin [attorney for Gordon Novel] has been receiving money, if only through an intermediary, from the C.I.A." [Brener, p. 203]
Thirteen State Regional Democratic Organization "We know that Sandra Moffett up in Iowa, who has no money, is represented by the Chairman of the Thirteen State Regional Democratic Organization." [Brener, p. 203]
Gov. Rhodes of Ohio, Gov. Reagan of California, and Gov. Tiemann of Nebraska They "interfered" with extraditions of Gordon Novel, Edgar Eugene Bradley, and Sandra Moffett McMaines. [Flammonde, p. 200]
Secret ServiceFor reprisals directed against agent Abraham Bolden. [Flammonde, p. 208]
NASATold William Turner that it was an open secret that the Gentilly NASA complex included an active CIA station that, in Turner's words, "provided a Kelly Girl service for operatives in between assignments." [Hinckle & Turner, Deadly Secrets, p. 239] Garrison also made a point of investigating alleged acquaintances of Oswald, Ferrie or Shaw employed at the Gentilly complex.
Official Washington On the defection of William Gurvich: "A tremendous amount of federal power is being brought to bear on anyone connected with our investigation. . . . It is obvious that the official Washington attitude is that our inquiry must be stopped at all costs. . . ." [Brener, p. 208]
National Broadcasting Company ". . . NBC is owned by RCA - the Radio Corporation of America. RCA is one of the top ten corporations with regard to defense contracts with the federal government." [Brener, p. 208]
Cuban guerrillas Claimed to a Nashville newspaper that a team of Cuban guerrillas had trained secretly in St. Tammany Parish and the killers are "definitely among the Cuban trainees." [Brener, p. 209]
Earl Warren When Warren said there was no evidence to support Garrison's claims Garrison claimed that the statement was "a good sign that the big push is on [to discredit the investigation]." And further, "It is a little disconcerting to find the Chief Justice of the United States on his hands and knees, trying to tie some sticks of dynamite to the case." [Brener, p. 211]
Warren Commission Warren Commission was "totally untrue . . . it was, in effect, a carefully organized concealment of the facts." And further: "The main objective was to fool the people of the United States and, I presume, the rest of the world, into thinking that this was a lone assassin. . . ." [Brener, pp. 211-212]
Big Business Texas Style ". . . big business, Texas style, financed the assassination . . . in which the right wing - paramilitary right-wing elements which were financed and encouraged in their training and given weapons by the Central Intelligence Agency. . . ." [Brener, p. 212]
Paramilitary Right Wing Elements
Central Intelligence Agency
Aerospace Industry Garrison told Ramparts editor Warren Hinckle: "It was the Military-Industrial Complex that put up the money for the assassination — but as far as we can tell, the conspiracy was limited to the aerospace wing. I've got the names of three companies and their employees who were involved in setting up the President's murder. Do you have a pencil?" [Hinkle, pp. 198-199]
Dallas Police Department "Oh, yes, it couldn't have been done effectively without it. . . . you have within the Dallas policy force, you have an element, essentially the Minute Man element, the extreme militant right-wing group, which is actively involved in assassination." [Brener, p. 212]
Elements of the U.S. government ". . . the lone assassin theory, which the Warren Commission developed, is a complete fraud. This is why you now have elements of the United States Government, and a large part of the news establishments doing everything it can, literally desperately, to try and conceal whatever news comes from New Orleans about this." [Brener, p. 212]
Large part of the news media
An element of big business in Dallas ". . . An element of big business in Dallas, Texas, big business was involved. Oil money helped finance it. . . . the Dallas individuals, Minute Men, and so forth, and a handful of White Russians who got control of Oswald actually started this as early as 1962." [Brener, p. 213]
Oil money
Minute Men
Phone company "My phones have been monitored for a long time. . . . the telephone company in a case like this becomes an extension of the United States Government, of what is now a super state. . . ." [Brener, p. 214]
Newsweek The Shaw defense and "elements of the federal government are coordinating pretty effectively." Those elements are "Newsweek, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the National Broadcasting Company, and the Columbia Broadcasting System." [Brener, p. 214]
Washington Post
Los Angeles Times
National Broadcasting Company
Columbia Broadcasting System
Dallas Police Force ". . . Individuals of the Dallas police force helped kill Jack Kennedy. Why should they hesitate with Nancy Mooney? . . . It is clear that individuals on the Dallas police force were involved in the assassination and involved in the continuing protection of the assassins and were involved in things like this." [Brener, p. 216]
Robert Kennedy "Kennedy has without any question made a positive effort to stop the investigation and if he denies it here, he is a liar. . . . Who was the Attorney General of the United States when this great fraud was perpetrated and the people of the United States were told it was a lone assassin?" [Brener, p. 217]
Lyndon Johnson Garrison asks a long list of rhetorical questions about "who" has done things to cover up the conspiracy, and then answers it: "The one man who has profited most from the assassination - your friendly President! Lyndon Johnson." [Brener, pp. 220-221]
Texans "And as far as Texans are concerned, he left no doubt that he was headed directly for the 27 percent [oil depletion] deduction that is something very dear to some people in Texas." [Brener, p. 222]
Ramsey Clark Garrison said he was "doing his best to torpedo the case of the State of Louisiana. Apparently, it is felt in Washington that if the truth of President Kennedy's murder can be kept concealed, President Johnson's promotion to the Presidency will appear to be more legitimate." [Brener, p. 225]
Robert Kennedy Interviewer: "Well, what you're saying, then, is that Senator Kennedy by not cooperating is, in effect, letting the murderers of his brother walk the streets." Garrison: "We, yes, that's a fair statement. Yes." [Brener, p. 219]
Homosexuals "They had the same motive as Loeb and Leopold, when they murdered Bobbie Franks in Chicago back in the twenties," Garrison said. "It was a homosexual thrill-killing, plus the excitement of getting away with a perfect crime." [Phelan, pp. 150-151]
Masochists Explaining that they would do anything for a thrill, Garrison said that "If you placed a masochist in a room along with a button that would blow up the White House he probably would press that button for the thrill of it." [Lambert, p. 181]
Neo-Nazis In letter to Bertrand Russell Garrison said that people with "Neo-Nazi" political views, including Clay Shaw, killed Kennedy [Lambert, p. 182]
Elements of the Dallas Establishment "There are elements of the Dallas establishment that are deeply involved and some of the members of the White Russian community. . . . elements of the Dallas police. . . . members of the John Birch Society." Assassination sponsored by "insanely patriotic oil millionaires." [Lambert, p. 182]
Member of the White Russian Community
Elements of the Dallas Police
Some Members of the John Birch Society
Insanely patriotic oil millionaires
Authors Henry Hurt and Anthony Summers Claimed conspiracy books by Hurt and Summers, critical of him, were written at the behest of the CIA.
This list benefitted from suggestions from Dave Reitzes

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