Dallas Police radio transmissions following the Kennedy assassination.

The JFK Assassination Dallas Police Tapes

History in Real Time

This is history as it happened.

In the wake of the assassination, all hell broke loose on the two radio channels used by the Dallas Police Department. Although complicated by a technical glitch that took out Channel One (see below), the Dallas cops swung into action to clear the president's path to Parkland hospital, to find the killer or killers, to run down a variety of false leads and nuisances, and finally to capture the killer of one of their own.

What follows is the transcript of the Dallas police transmissions on both channels from 12:25 p.m, November 22nd, 1963, until the capture of Lee Oswald in the Texas Theater about 1:45 pm. Selected portions of the transmissions are available for listening in Real Media format. To hear these audio clips, you will need to have the Real Player downloaded and installed. Tramsmissions available as downloadable audio are highlighted in light orange. You can listen to them by clicking on the icon at the bottom of a particular segment.

The basis for these audio clips is an especially high-quality recording of the Dallas Police transmissions discovered by David Dix in the Minneapolis Public Library. Copies of this tape are available for sale. The transcript of Channel One is based on a transcript edited by Russ Shearer, and the transcript for Channel Two is from Warren Commission Exhibit 1974 (with some minor revisions).

Time Channel 1 Channel 2
  Caller Message Caller Message
      1 (Chief Jesse Curry) Crossing Lamar Street
12:28 Dispatcher 83, out. 12:28 Dispatcher 10-4. Pretty good crowd there, 12:28 p.m.
  56 (Ptm. W.P. Parker) 56 1 Big crowd, yes.
  Dispatcher 56 5 (Deputy Chief of Police George L. Lumpkin) Notify Captain Souter of the location of the convoy now.
  56 ... traffic, on a '56 Chevrolet. I can't see the license number. Dispatcher 15/2, now on Main, probably just past Lamar. 
    75 clear. 1 Just crossing Market Street.
    noise for 23 seconds on tape 4 (Deputy Chief of Police N.T. Fisher) 125, what traffic personnel do you have on Mockingbird?
    78 125 (Captain P.W. Lawrence) "On Mockingbird at Cedar Springs," is the question?
  38 (Ptm. F. Woodrow) 38 4 10-4. It's moving out of this lot very slow.
  Dispatcher 38 125 I am at the Trade Mart now headed out that way.
  38 Might tell some of these people involved handling this deal out here at Market Hall that there are people walking across southbound Stemmons here, in from of the Marriott Hotel all the way down south. 4 (Deputy Chief of Police N.T. Fisher) That is all right - I'll check it.
  Dispatcher 10-4, 38. 1. 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) Approaching Triple Underpass.
  38 10-4.    
12:30     Dispatcher 12:30 p.m. KKB 364.
    noise for 3 minutes, 11 seconds on this tape. 1 Go to the hospital - Parkland Hospital. Have them stand by.
  603 (ambulance) 603 out. 1 Get a man on top of that triple underpass and see what happened up there.
    noise for 34 seconds on this tape. 1 Have Parkland stand by.
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and Ptm. J.W. Courson) 91 clear. Dallas 1 (Sheriff J.E. "Bill" Decker) I am sure it's going to take some time to get your man in there. Pull every one of my men in there.
  Dispatcher 531, testing: 1 2 3 4. Dispatcher Dallas 1, repeat, I didn't get all of it. I didn't quite understand all of it.
    Loud and clear. Dallas 1 Have my office move all available men out of my office into the railroad yard to try to determine what happened in there and hold everything secure until Homicide and other investigators should get there.
  48 (Ptm. A.D. Duncan) 48, loud and clear. Dispatcher 10-4. Dallas 1 -Station 5 will be notified.
  Dispatcher 56. Dispatcher 1, any information whatsoever?
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and Ptm. J.W. Courson) 91 clear. 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) Looks like the President has been hit. Have Parkland stand by.
  Dispatcher 55. Dispatcher 10-4. They have been notified.
    10-4 4 (Deputy Chief of Police N.T. Fisher) We have those canine units in that vicinity, don't we?
  Dispatcher Anyone know where 56 is? 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) Headed to Parkland. Something's wrong with Channel 1.
    noise, including sirens, for 1 minute, 5 seconds on this tape. 5 (Deputy Chief of Police George L. Lumpkin) 1, what do you want with these men out here with me?
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) 75, signal 5. 1 Just go on to Parkland Hospital [with me].
  103 (Ptm. C.F. Goodson) 103 clear. 83 (Patrolman R.L. Gross) Dispatcher on Channel 1 seems to have his mike stuck.
      1 Get these trucks out of the way. Hold everything. Get out of the way.
12:34 Dispatcher 103 clear. 12:34 Dispatcher Unknown motorcycle - up on Stemmons with his mike stuck open on Channel 1. Could you send someone up there to tell him to shut it off? (12:34 p.m.)
  76 (Ptm. H.H. Horn) 76 clear. 190 (Sergeant S.Q. Beliah) Do you still want me to hold this traffic on Stemmons until we find out something?
  Dispatcher 76 clear. 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) Keep everything out of this emergency entrance.
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) 75. Dispatcher Did you get all that information, 136?
  Dispatcher 24. 136 (Patrolman B.W. Hargis) 10-4.
  24 (Ptm. D.L. Pate) 24. 142 (Patrolman C.A. Haygood) I just talked to a guy up here who was standing close to it and the best he could tell it came from the Texas School Book Depository Building here with that Hertz Renting sign on top.
  Dispatcher Report to Inwood and Stemmons and cut all traffic for the ambulance going to Parkland. Code 3.    
  24 Inwood and Stemmons.    
  Dispatcher Inwood and Stemmons, where they come off Stemmons, going to Parkland.    
  24 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Make your assignment Code 3, 24.    
  24 10-4.    
12:35 Dispatcher 35, signal 9 at Lobello's, Ames and Northwest. 12:35. Dispatcher 10-4. Get his name, address, telephone number there - all the information that you can from him. 12:35 p.m.
  35 (Ptm. J.M. Lewis)   15/2 (Captain J.M. Souter) Captain advises have all emergency equipment -have 283 cut the traffic at Hines and Industrial. Have all emergency units on South Industrial.
  Dispatcher 93. 531 (Sergeant G.D. Henslee) 283, cut traffic Hines and Industrial.
  Dispatcher Disregard    
  15/2 (Capt. J.M. Souter) Advise all emergency traffic to use some other route besides Industrial and have 283 cut traffic at Hines and Industrial.    
  Dispatcher (repeats instructions above)    
  Dispatcher 21.    
  21 (Ptm. D.P. Tucker and C.R. Graham) 21.    
  Dispatcher Code 3, Stemmons and Inwood. Cut traffic.    
  21 10-4.    
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) 75.    
  Dispatcher 75.    
  75 Signal 5.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  65 (Ptm. W.A. Everett) 65 clear.    
12:36 Dispatcher 65 clear 12:36. 4, did you call? Dispatcher Attention, do not use Industrial Blvd. 12:36 p.m.
  4 (Dep. Chief N.T. Fisher) Mockingbird. What's happened to the transmission on 1? 260 (Sergeant D.V. Harkness) I have a witness that says that it came from the 5th floor of the Texas Book Depository Store.
  Dispatcher 4, we have a mike button stuck open. We can't hear anything. Dispatcher 220, keep all emergency equipment off the entrance to Parkland and all of the emergency equipment there off of Industrial Boulevard.
  Dispatcher 93.    
12:36 Dispatcher Attention, all emergency equipment. Attention all emergency equipment. Do not use Industrial Boulevard. Do not use Industrial Boulevard. 12:36    
  93 (Ptm. H.M. Ashcraft) 93.    
  Dispatcher Location?    
  93 Sylvan and Fort Worth.    
  260 (Sgt. D.V. Harkness) Witness says shots came from fifth floor, Texas Book Depository Store and Houston and Elm. I have him with me now and we are sealing off the building.    
  Dispatcher 35, did you receive?    
  35 (Ptm. J.M. Lewis) I got it.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  61 (Ptm. C.W. Temple and Ptm. R.E. Vaughn) 61 clear.    
  Dispatcher 61 clear.    
  4 (Dep. Chief N.T. Fisher) 4 to 11, 1131.    
  21 (Ptm. D.P. Tucker and C.R. Graham) 21.    
  Dispatcher 21.    
  21 Continue.    
  4 Number 4.    
  93 (Ptm. H.M. Ashcraft) 93.    
  Dispatcher 93, Inwood and Stemmons and assist 24. 21, go up there to Hines and cut that service road off there where the ambulance can go to Parkland.    
  93 93, 10-4    
  24 (Ptm. D.L. Pate) 10-4.    
  4 (Dep. Chief N.T. Fisher) Yes, go ahead.    
  Dispatcher Did you call?    
  4 Yes, I don't know what happened to the traffic officers assigned to Cedar Springs and Mockingbird, but they're not there and the traffic is really snafued.    
  32 (Ptm. N.L. Hackney and J.T. Smith) 32 clear.    
  Dispatcher 32, on mark out, report to Cedar Springs and Mockingbird.    
  32 10-4.    
12:37     Unknown We have the emergency entrance secured. (12:37 p.m.)
      125 (Captain P.W. Lawrence) We have the emergency entrance to Parkland secured.
      22 (Patrolman L.L. Hill) Get some men up here to cover this school depository building. It's believed the shot came from, as you see it on Elm Street, it would be upper right hand corner, second window from the end.
      Dispatcher 10-4. How many do you have there?
      22 I have one guy that was possibly hit by a richochet from the bullet off the concrete and another one saw the President slump.
      Dispatcher 10-4.
      137 (Patrolman E.D. Brewer) We have a man here who says he saw him pull the weapon back through the window off of the second floor from the southeast corner of that depository building
      Dispatcher All right, do you have the building covered off?
      137 No, about 3/4 of a block away from there.
      Dispatcher All right, pull on down there.
      137 10-4. I'll leave these witnesses here.
      257 (Patrolman C.E. Whitman) Do you want us to go back to Mockingbird and Cedar Springs?
      Dispatcher 10-4.
      290 (Sergeant E.B. Howard) See if you can contact 125.
      125 (Captain P.W. Lawrence) 290, I am at Parkland.
      290 125, do you want us to stay on Industrial or where do you want us to go?
      125 At your location right now.
      2 (Assistant Chief of Police Charles Batchelor) Can you give us any information as to what happened for these people out here, evidently they had - seriousness of it - the President involved - 1 is at Parkland, along with Dallas 1. We have word it is unknown - Texas Depository Store, corner of Elm and Field - officers are now surrounding and searching the building. (Garbled)
12:38 Dispatcher 71, robbery of an individual, 2205 Cockrell. 12:38    
  71 (unknown) 2205.    
  51 (Ptm. E.A. Kelly) 51 clear.    
  Dispatcher 51 clear. 12:38.    
  80 (Sgt. H.F. Davis) 80 clear.    
  Dispatcher 80 clear. 12:38    
  24 (Ptm. D.L. Pate) 24.    
  Dispatcher 24.    
  24 These ambulances must have done passed through Stemmons and Inwood.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  58 (unknown) 58.    
  68 (Det. G. Woods) 68.    
  24 Was there an APB car supposed to be following the ambulance?    
  Dispatcher It's unknown, 24.    
  58 58. (noise and sirens)    
  58 58.    
  68 68.    
  21 (Ptm. D.P. Tucker and C.R. Graham) 21.    
  Dispatcher 21.    
  21 What did you want us to do here at the service road on Hines?    
  Dispatcher Is the ambulance gone through already?    
  21 We just arrived.    
  Dispatcher Stand by there until we notify you.    
  21 10-4.    
  20 (Sgt. S.N. Burkhart) 20.    
  Dispatcher 20.    
  20 I'm on Hines in front of Parkland. What, what is this emergency on this ambulance?    
  Dispatcher 20, there has been a shooting in the downtown area involving the President.    
  20 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 242, call 654.    
  242 (Ptm. B.E. Thornhill) 242 to 654.    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87 clear.    
12:40 Dispatcher 87 clear. 12:40. Dispatcher  
  269 (Ptm. L.E. Beilharz) 269. Dispatcher Where did this happen - at Field and Main?
  Dispatcher 269. 295 (Patrolman William Price)  
  269 Will you check with my supervisor and see what he wants me to (splice in tape) go? I'm clear my second assignment. 303 (Detectives R.M. Sims and E.L. Boyd)  
  Dispatcher 260. Dispatcher  
  68 (Det. G. Woods) 68. Dispatcher  
  Dispatcher 68. 303  
  68 Now about a Signal 18, 900 block South Buckner? 300 (Captain John Will Fritz)  
  Dispatcher 260, 260. Dispatcher  
  242 (Ptm. B.E. Thornhill) 242 on phone. 300  
  Dispatcher 10-4. Dispatcher  
  4 (Dep. Chief N.T. Fisher) 4.    
  Dispatcher 4.    
  4 Is 32 one man or two man?    
  Dispatcher Be two man.    
  4 10-4. It's going to take at least two.    
  Dispatcher 10-4 32, have you arrived?    
  32 (Ptm. N.L. Hackney and J.T. Smith) No. We're away up in North Dallas on this call. We're about -- Webbs Chapel and Royal Lane right now.    
  43 (Ptm. P.R. Wilkins) 43.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 43.    
  43 Clear at City Hall.    
12:41 Dispatcher 43 and 53 clear. 12:41. 295 (Patrolman William Price)  
  222 (Ptm. V.R. Nolan) 222 clear. 5 (Deputy Chief of Police George L. Lumpkin)  
  Dispatcher 222 clear. 15/2 (Captain J.M. Souter)  
  97 (unknown) 97, signal 4 at Westmoreland and Fort Worth Avenue. Dispatcher  
  Dispatcher Are you in service, 97? 9 (Inspector J.H. Sawyer)  
  97 10-4.    
  20 (Sgt. S.N. Burkhart) 20.    
  Dispatcher 20.    
  20 That ambulance hasn't arrived on Hines yet. Do you have a location on it?    
  Dispatcher 601.    
  Dispatcher 101.    
  101 (Ptm. B.L. Bass) 101.    
  Dispatcher Elm and Houston.    
  101 10-4.   At Stemmons and the Triple Underpass - 12:40 p.m.
  Dispatcher 160.    
  Dispatcher Meet 260, Elm and Houston, 101.  Dispatcher 2 (Batchelor) there's a possibility that 6 or 7 more people may have been hit. 
  160 (unknown) 160.    
  601 (ambulance) 601.    
  Dispatcher What's your location, 601?  295 (Ptrl. William Price) I believe the President's head was practically blown off. 
  601 Here at the market hall. 303 (Dets. R. M. Sims & E. L. Boyd) What hospital did the President go to? 
  Dispatcher Repeat.  Dispatcher Parkland Hospital 
  601 I'm here at the market hall.  Dispatcher 303, where are you? 
  Dispatcher Disregard. 303 (Dets. R. M. Sims & E. L. Boyd) Parkland Hospital 
    ... here at Parkland.  300 (Capt. John Will Fritz) 300, en route 
  2 (Ast. Chief C. Batchelor) 2.  Dispatcher 300, are you en route to Elm and Hourson to that store? 
  113 (Ptm. C.L. Osburn) 113.  300 En route to the hospital. 
  Dispatcher Attention al l squads in the downtown area: Code 3 to Elm and Houston with caution.  Dispatcher 295, do you know the extent of the injury? 
 12:41 43 (Ptm. P.R. Wilkins) 43 en route.  295 It's not for me to say. I can't say.
  102 (Ptm. B.L. Jones and Ptm. M.D. Noll) 102 en route.    
  233 (Ptm. J.T. Fortsen) 233.    
  Dispatcher 233.    
  233 I'm sitting here at Elm and Houston.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  61 (Ptm. C.W. Temple and R.E. Vaughn) 61 en route.    
  Dispatcher 61. (noise)    
    How many numbers do we have?    
  77 (Ptm. W.E. Smith) 77.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 77.    
  77 Do you want me to go?    
  Dispatcher 63.    
  63 (unknown) 63.    
  Dispatcher Code 3, Elm and Houston.    
  63 En route.    
  Dispatcher 76, Code 3, Elm and Houston.    
    dead end.    
    Do you want me to go?    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  71 (unkown) 71.    
  Dispatcher 71.    
  71 Corinth and Harwood.    
  Dispatcher Code 3.    
  60 (Sgt. J.A. Putnam) 60.    
  Dispatcher 60.    
  60 Police garage.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 80.    
  66 (Ptm. F.S. Williams) 66.    
  80 (Sgt. H.F. Davis) 80.    
  Dispatcher 100, are you en route?    
  100 (Sgt. W.G. Jennings) 100 en route from Industrial and Commerce.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  113 (Ptm C.L. Osburn) 113.    
    I'm en route.    
  113 I'm at Gaston and Haskell. Want me to go?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  Dispatcher 153, Code 3, Elm and Houston.    
  386 (Ptm. P.R. Pearce) 386.    
  66 (Ptm. F.S. Williams) 66 en route.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
    What do you want?    
  Dispatcher 81.    
  81 (Ptm. J.L. Angell) Corinth and Eighth.  Deputy Chief of Police George Lumpkin Give me a squad to Elm and Houston. 
  43 (Ptm. P.R. Wilkins) 43.  5/2 (Capt. J. M. Souter) Did they advise they have the suspect? 
  Dispatcher 43.  Dispatcher No, they do not have the suspect. 
  43 Where do we report?    
  Dispatcher Elm and Houston.    
  258 (Ptm. R.A. Davenport) 258, Code 5.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 258.    
  386 (Ptm. P.R. Pearce) 386, Code 5.    
  Dispatcher 386 out.    
  56 (Ptm. W.P. Parker) 56 clear for 5.    
  Dispatcher 56, your location.    
  56 East Jefferson.  Insp. J. H. Sawyer We need some more men down at the Texas School Book Depository. We should have some on Main if we could get someone to pick up and bring them down here.
12:43     50 (Sergeant W.A. Simpson) I will start down Elm Street and pick up as many as I can on the way. (12:43 p.m.)
      90 (Sergeant S.Q. Beliah) We can release this traffic here? We can go down there or stay here and hold it.
      Dispatcher Release the traffic and report Code 3 to Elm and Houston. 12:43 p.m.
      15 (Captain C.E. Talbert) Are you having them contain that block or 2 block area?
      Dispatcher Yes, we are trying to seal off that building until it can be searched.
      15 (Captain C.E. Talbert) More than that building. Extend out from that building so it can be searched.
      267 (Patrolman J.H. Caldwell) Do you want me to head south?
12:44     Dispatcher Yes, 12:44 p.m.
      9 (Inspector J.H. Sawyer) The type of weapon looked like a 30-30 rifle or some type of Winchester.
      Dispatcher 9, it was a rifle?
      9 A rifle, yes.
      Dispatcher 9, any clothing description?
      9 About 30, 5'10", 165 pounds.
12:45 Dispatcher Attention Elm and Houston is reported to be an unknown white male, all squads. Attention all squads. The suspect in the shooting at approximately thirty, slender build, height five feet ten inches, weight one hundred sixty-five pounds, reported to be armed with what is thought to be a 30 caliber rifle. Attention all squads. The suspect from Elm and Houston is reported to be an unknown white male about thirty, slender build, five feet ten inches tall, one hundred sixty-five pounds, armed with what is thought to be a 30-30 rifle. No further description at this time, or information. 12:45. Dispatcher Attention all squads, the suspect in the shooting at Elm and Houston is supposed to be an unknown white male, approximately 30, 165 pounds, slender build, armed with what is thought to be a 30-30 rifle, - repeat, unknown white male, approximately 30, 165 pounds, slender build. No further description at this time or information, 12:45 p.m.
  233 (Ptm. J.T. Fortsen) 233. 15 (Captain C.E. Talbert) Could 9 determine whether man was supposed to have been still in the building or was he supposed to have left?
  35 (Ptm. J.M. Lewis) 35 clear. Dispatcher I didn't know for sure and the witnesses didn't have the description, but we have got that building surrounded by now and we should know something before long.
    66 clear. 9 (Inspector J.H. Sawyer) On this building, it's unknown whether he is still in the building or not known if he was there in the first place.
    What's he wanted for? 531 (Sergeant G.D. Henslee) Well, all the information we have receive, 9, indicates that it did come from about the 5th or 4th floor of that building.
  Dispatcher Signal 19, involving the President. 5 (Deputy Chief of Police George L. Lumpkin) What building?
  233 (Ptm. J.T. Fortsen) 233. Dispatcher The Texas School Book and Depository Building, 5, at Elm and Houston.
  Dispatcher 233.    
  233 He's thought to be in this Texas School Book Depository, here on the northwest corner of Elm and Houston.    
  102 (Ptm. B.L. Jones and M.D. Noll) 102 out at this location.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 102 and 233.    
  81 (Ptm. J.L. Angell) 81.    
  Dispatcher 81.    
  81 We're going north on Industrial from Corinth.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 87, 78, move into central Oak Cliff area.    
  78 (Ptm. J.D. Tippit) I'm about Kiest and Bonnie View.    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87's going north on Marsalis at R.L. Thornton.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  605 (ambulance) 605.    
  77 (Ptm. W.E. Smith) 77.    
  77/79 (79 is Ptm. B.N. Arglin) 77/79, 1400 block Corinth.    
  93 (Ptm. H.M. Ashcraft) 93.    
  Dispatcher 93.    
  93 What is 24's location?    
  24 (Ptm. D.L. Pate) 24's at Stemmons and Continental.    
  93 I'm 531. Where do you want me to go?    
  Dispatcher Report to the old School Book Depository around the Elm and Houston area.    
  95 (Ptm. M.N. McDonald and Ptm. T.R. Gregory) 95 clear.    
  77 (Ptm. W.E. Smith) 77.    
  Dispatcher Unit clearing?    
  95 (Ptm. M.N. McDonald and T.R. Gregory) 95.    
  Dispatcher Clear.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85 clear.    
12:46 Dispatcher 85 clear. 12:46.    
  77 (Ptm. W.E. Smith) 77.    
  Dispatcher Unit calling?    
  77 77.    
  Dispatcher 77.    
  77 Report where?    
  Dispatcher Yes, Elm and Houston, 77, at the School Book Depository.    
  77 10-4.    
  603 (ambulance) 603.    
    ... about Jackson and Houston.    
  603 2200 South Good-Latimer.    
  116 (Ptm. R.J. Ross) 116 clear.    
  Dispatcher 116 clear. Report to the Triple Underpass.    
  24 (Ptm. D.L. Pate) 24.    
  Dispatcher 24.    
  24 I'm going to be out at the Triple Underpass, right?    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  69 (Ptm. A.R. Brock) 69.    
  35 (Ptm. J.M. Lewis) 35 clear.    
12:47 Dispatcher 35 clear. 12:47. Your location.    
  35 105 Corinth.    
  Dispatcher Remain in service, 35.    
  105 (Ptm. J.M. Poe and L.E. Joz) We're going to be out at Jackson and Houston. Walk up there.    
  231 (unknown) 231 clear.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 231. 19, report to Elm and Houston.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 10-4. Code 3?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  19 10-4.    
  95 (Ptm. M.N. McDonald and T.R. Gregory) 95.    
  Dispatcher 95.    
  95 What's going on?    
  Dispatcher Signal 19, involving the President. Suspect: white male, thirty, slender build, five feet ten inches, one hundred sixty-five pounds, believed to have used 30 caliber rifle. Believed to be in the old School Book Depository, Elm and Houston, at this time.    
  550 car 2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 550/2    
  Dispatcher Go ahead 550.    
  550 car 2 550/2 and 104 en route to Elm and Houston, Code 3.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  174 (Ptm. J.W. Brooks) 174 is en route.    
  Dispatcher Received.    
  212 (Ptm. L.W. Spredlin) 212 is en route.    
  Dispatcher 212 out.    
  223 (Ptm. C.T. Walker) 223 at location.    
  40 (Sgt. D.F. Flusche) 40.    
  Dispatcher 40.    
  40 Clear. Will head down that way from out here on Skillman.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 40.    
  22 (Ptm. L.L. Hill) 22. (siren)    
  67 (Ptm. W.A. Everett) 67.    
  Dispatcher 23.    
  22 (Ptm. L.L. Hill) 22.    
  Dispatcher 22.    
  22 I'm at Industrial and Continental. Where do you want me?    
  Dispatcher Report vicinity the Triple Underpass, Elm and Houston.    
  22 10-4.    
    Hey, is there a (?) Stemmons?    
  101 (Ptm. B.L. Bass) 87, I'm on south end Houston Street viaduct.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  116 (Ptm. R.J. Ross) 116.    
  Dispatcher 116.    
  116 Any code on it?    
  Dispatcher 3.    
  116 10-4.    
  81 (Ptm. J.L. Angell) 81. (siren)    
  Dispatcher 81.    
  81 Out.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  4 (Dep. Chief N.T. Fisher) 4.    
  Dispatcher ... call station 7.    
  4 4.    
  76 (Ptm. H.H. Horn) 76 out.    
  Dispatcher Repeat, 4.    
  4 Who's in charge down there at that area?    
  Dispatcher 19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) en route. He will be in charge.    
  4 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 100 or 60.    
  60 (Sgt. J.A. Putnam) 60.    
  Dispatcher Have you arrived?    
  60 Yes, I have just arrived at Elm and Houston now.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
12:48     260 (Sergeant D.V. Harkness) We have an epileptic before this. The person went to Parkland Hospital. Send a squad there to get all the information you can. (12:48 p.m.)
      Dispatcher 125, do you have any information that the governor also was hit?
      125 (Captain P.W. Lawrence) Not yet, I'll check in just a minute.
      157 (Patrolman J.W. Williams) Have you notified a DPS on this suspect yet?
      Dispatcher Haven't had time yet but we will.
      15/2 (Captain J.M. Souter) 2 advises to contact 401 at Parkland and see if I can (garbled).
      Dispatcher Stand by.
      2 (Assistant Chief of Police Charles Batchelor) Contact the Parkland Hospital and see whether the President will be able to appear out here or not. We have all these people and we want to know what to announce out here.
      Dispatcher Yes, as soon as we can obtain that information.
      211 (Patrolmen R. Hawkins and E.R. Baggett) Numerous people asking us what happened. Can you give us any information about it at this time?
12:49 Dispatcher 212, report to the downtown area. 12:49.    
  23 (Ptm. B.E. Barnes) 23.    
  115 (Ptm. G.D. Benningfield) 115 is out downtown also.    
  223 (Ptm. C.T. Walker) 223 out, downtown.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15 is at the scene. We -- the building's the old Purse Company on the east side of Houston. Somebody cut off the back side, will you? Make sure nobody leaves there.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 15.    
  15 15's in charge down here. Correction, 5's (Dept. Chief G.L. Lumpkin) in charge.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. Did you receive, 4?    
  4 Yes, I did. Thank you.    
    Any clothing description?    
  Dispatcher No clothing description. A white male, approximately thirty, slender build, five feet ten, weighs one sixty-five.    
  605 (ambulance) 605.    
  Dispatcher 605.    
  605 This call on Crockett's going to be a drunk. You don't have a downtown squad clear, do you?    
  Dispatcher No, disregard. Return to service.    
  605 Yes, sir. We're clear.    
  212 (Ptm. L.W. Spredlin) 212.    
  605 10-4.    
  212 212.    
  Dispatcher 212.    
  212 I'll report to the rear of that building.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  252 (Ptm. F.T. Chance) 252 out. Elm and Houston.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  45 (Ptm. N.L. Stanglin) 45 clear.    
12:51 Dispatcher 45 clear. 12:51. Dispatcher Wounded the President or the extent of it at this time. 12:51 p.m.
  57 (unknown) 57 clear. 211 (Patrolmen R. Hawkins and E. R. Baggett) Was he shot or do you know?
  Dispatcher 57 clear. 12:51. Dispatcher I understand he was involved in it, yes.
  396 (CID) 396. 211 (Patrolmen R. Hawkins and E. R. Baggett) 10-4. Thank you.
  Dispatcher 396. 125 (Captain P.W. Lawrence) The governor was also shot.
  396 Which hospital is it? (or, "Which hospital is he?") Dispatcher 10-4.
  Dispatcher Parkland. Dispatcher 125, can you obtain from 1 if the President is going to appear at the Trade Mart?
  396 10-4. 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) It's very doubtful.
  601 (ambulance) 601. 2 (Assistant Chief of Police Charles Batchelor) (garbled) whether or not what his condition is so we can know what to tell people (garbled).
  Dispatcher 601. 2 Are there any definite arrangements being made as to whether he will or will not appear?
  601 We're at standby at Parkland. 1 (Chief of Police Jesse E. Curry) Not at this time that I know of. I don't know but I feel reasonably sure that he will not.
  Dispatcher 10-4. 12:51 190 (Sergeant S.Q. Beliah) We need some ropes here at Main and Houston. We are getting a terrific crowd.
  68 (Det. G. Woods) 68 clear. Dispatcher What else do you need?
  Dispatcher 68 clear. 12:51. 190 Just a lot of rope.
  Dispatcher Are you en route to Parkland, 601?    
  601 (ambulance) No. Standby here at Parkland.    
  69 (Ptm. A.R. Brock) 69.    
  Dispatcher 69.    
  69 We've got a tire going down. We're going to be out at the garage.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  24 (Ptm. D.L. Pate) 24.    
  Dispatcher 24.    
  24 What do you want us to do?    
  Dispatcher Do you have the description on the suspect, 24?    
  24 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Remain in that vicinity.    
  24 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 211.    
  79 (Ptm. B.N. Arglin) 79.    
  Dispatcher 79.    
  79 Be out at the Triple Underpass.    
12:52 Dispatcher Received. 12:52.    
  211 (Ptm. R. Hawkins) 211.    
  Dispatcher Signal 7, 2535 North Industrial. 12:52.    
  211 2523. (candy bar?)    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87.    
  Dispatcher 87.    
  87 87 out down here.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  49 (Ptm. C.R. Galbreath) 49.    
  Dispatcher 49.    
  49 I'm going to be in the downtown area.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  35 (Ptm. J.M. Lewis) 35.    
  Dispatcher 35.    
  35 I'll go on down that way, downtown.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 35.    
  252 (Ptm. F.T. Chance) 252.    
  Dispatcher 252.    
  252 Is this the place? Where it has Texas School Book Depository on it?    
12:53 Dispatcher Yes. 12:53.    
  603 (ambulance) 603, Code 5, Baylor.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 603. 12:53.    
  49 (Ptm. C.R. Galbreath) 49.    
  Dispatcher 49.    
  49 Code 6, Triple Underpass.    
  Dispatcher Repeat.    
  49 Code 6, Triple Underpass.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  174 (Ptm. J.W. Brooks) 174.    
  Dispatcher 174.    
  174 Be out along the tracks, just west of the building.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  263 (Ptm. W.C. Brasher) 263.    
  Dispatcher 263.    
  263 I have two radio patrolmen and may self. Do they want us to go down there or stay out here with our after-talk assignments?    
  Dispatcher Who's with you?    
  263 Moore and Murdoch, radio patrolmen.    
  Dispatcher 263, disregard any other assignment you have and remain in that location.    
  232, car 2 (Ptm. A.E. Garrison) 232/2.    
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