Jim Garrison believed a Miami hit man was after his family

Jim Garrison's Bizarre Behavior - 3

Miami Hit Men Sleep 'Till Noon

Among the many journalists who talked to Jim Garrison -- and listened to Garrison's crackpot statements, was Hugh Aynesworth. William Broyles' article "The Man Who Saw Too Much" (in the March 1976 issue of the Texas Monthly) records some of Aynesworth's experiences with Garrison. Quoting Aynesworth:
"I had just started with Newsweek back in 1967, and Jim Garrison called and invited me over to New Orleans to compare notes. He started showing me all this stuff from all the kooks I knew back in ’63 and ’64, plus some new, obviously kooky stuff. I kept saying, ‘No, that’s not the way it was. I was there.’ He’d put his head back and fix me that General Walker stare and say, ‘You don’t understand.’ Then he’d run off and shout some chess move into the phone. After he’d done that a couple of times, I asked him what was going on. ‘That’s the code!’ he said. ‘The Feebies’ -- that’s what he called the FBI -- ‘will never break it.’ I was beginning to understand. Then he suddenly looked up and said he had to take his kids out to play, because he only had an hour before noon. So I asked him why couldn't the kids play after noon. My kids do it all the time. ‘There’s a torpedo from Miami after me,’ Garrison said with that General Walker stare again. ‘Everybody knows they sleep 'til noon.’ Oh, yeah. He was something. He was planning to arrest Bobby Kennedy if he came to New Orleans. He was paranoid as hell, but he was no fool."
David Reitzes brought this article to my attention.

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