Date January 10, 1964

LILLIAN MOONEYHAM, Deputy District Court Clerk, 85th Court, Records Building, advised that she watched the Presidential Motorcade on November 22, 1963 from the windows of the court house. She, along with Mrs. ROSE CLARK and JEANETTE E. HOOKER, observed the Presidential Motorcade proceeding down Main Street from the window of Judge J. FRANK WILSON'S courtroom, overlooking Main Street. As the motorcade passed them on Main Street, MOONEYHAM, CLARK and HOOKER ran to Judge HENTY KING's courtroom window, which faces Houston Street, in time to see the motorcade turn west from Elm Street on Houston. Mrs MOONEYHAM believes that BOB REID, Deputy District Court Clerk, Dallas, Texas, was in Judge KING's courtroom watching the motorcade at te same time as was MOONEYHAM, CLARK and HOOKER.

Mrs. MOONEYHAM heard a gunshot and observed President KENNEDY slump to the left of the seat of the car. At the time of the initial shot, Mrs. MOONEYHAM believed that a firecracker had gone off. Following the first shot, there was a slight pause and then two more shots were discharged, the second and third shots sounding closer together. Mrs. MOONEYHAM observed Mrs. KENNEDY climb up on the back of the car and her eyes were then diverted toward the left of the Presidential Motorcade on Elm Street toward a bystander, a man who had falle to the ground.

Mrs. MOONEYHAM and Mrs. CLARK left Judge KING's courtroom and went to the office of Judge Julien C. Hyer on the third floor of the Records Building, where they continued to observe the happenings from Judge HYER's window. From Judge HYER's window, Mrs. MOONEYHAM noted a number of bystander running toward the cement pavilion which borders Elm Street between the railroad viaduct and the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD). Mrs. MOONEYHAM estimated that it was about 4 to 5 minutes following the shots fired by the assassin that she looked up towards the sixth floor of the TSBD and observed the figure of a man standing in a sixth floor window behind some cardboard boxes. This man appeared to Mrs. MOONEYHAM to be looking out of the window, however, the man was not close up to the window but was standing slightly back from it, so that Mrs. MOONEYHAM could not make out his features. She stated that she could give no description of this individual except to say that she is sure it was a man she observed, because the figure had on trousers. She could not recall the color of the trousers.

Mrs. MOONEYHAM stated she could not furnish any additional identifying information regarding the figure she observed in this window.

Mrs. MOONEYHAM stated that following the assassination of President JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY, she observed a re-enactment of the assassination on two separate occasions on one day, and it was her impression that the Presidential Motorcade was going slower than the re-enactment motorcade. She stated that it was her estimation that the Presidential car was going approximately five or six miles per hour at the time of the assassination, however, she noted that her estimation was based upon her observation of the Presidential car as it moved west on Elm away from the position where she was located.

on 1/8/64 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agent GEORGE T. BINNEY Date Dictated 1/9/64