Date January 10, 1964

Mrs. ROSE CLARK, Deputy Distruct Court Clerk, 44th Court, Records Building, Dallas, Texas, advised that on November 22, 1963, she was with LILLIAN MOONEYHAM and Mrs. JEANNETTE E. HOOKER in the court building, and observed the Presidential Motorcade from windows of the court house. She observed the motorcade come down Main Street and turn in to Houston Street. From the window of Judge HENRY KING's courtroom on the second floor of the court house, she heard the three shots, and it was her impression that the first shot was louder than the second and third shots. She noted that the second and third shots seemed closer together than the first and second shots. It was her impression that bystanders on the sidewalk on Elm Street ran toward the cement pavilion on the north side of Elm Street, and she noticed that the President's automobile came almost to a halt following the three shots, before it picked up speed and drove away. Mrs. CLARK did not see the President following the shots because she was watching the bystanders running away.

Following the gunshots, Mrs. CLARK and MRS. MOONEYHAM left Judge KING's court room and went to Judge JULIEN C. HYER's office window, where they observed what was occurring outside on Elm Street.

Mrs. CLARK stated that she did not observe anything else of consequence, except that it was her impression that less than five minutes following the shots, she observed a crowd of people and policemen gathering around the entrance to the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD).

Mrs. Clark stated that JAMES CRAWFORD, Deputy District Court Clerk, Dallas District Court, had advised her that on November 22, 1963, he had observed what appeared to be a gun protruding from one of the windows of the TSBD building. Mrs CLARK stated she had no additional information regarding Mr. CRAWFORD having observed a gun on November 22, 1963.

on 1/8/64 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agent GEORGE T. BINNEY Date Dictated 1/9/64