Bio - Vince Palamara

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mr. Palamara is a graduate of Duquesne University from which he has a degree in Sociology. Although not yet born when President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Vince brings a fresh vision to an old case. In fact, he became totally immersed in the subject at age twelve. It wasn't until 1988, the 25th anniversary of JFK'sassassination that he began to do his own thinking on the topic; it was from this point that Vince decided to research the Secret Service aspects of the case, an area that had received scant attention, up to that time. Mr. Palamara would soon contact over thirty five different former agents, White House aides, and surviving family members, resulting in his first book entitled "The Third Alternative - Survivor's Guilt: the Secret Service and the JFK Murder," selling quite well and receiving favorable reviews in the online journal "Fair Play," as well as"The Fourth Decade," "JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly", "Probable Cause", and "Lobster" journals.

Not one to rest on his laurels with an acclaimed book and oether publsihed resources, Vince set about research for his second book, "JFK: The Medical Evidence Reference".As with his first, he personally contacted over 35 different witnesses and principals, including quite a few Parkland doctors and Bethesda technicians. The results: "JFK: The Medical Evidence Reference" is already considered one of the primary texts on the medical evidence in the JFK assassination, with thousands of sources and citations.

Mr. Palamara's esearch has been published in the following JFK journals:

1) The Third Decade
2) The Fourth Decade
3) The Investigator
4) Back Channels
5) Lobster
6) JFK/ Deep Politics Quarterly
7) Kennedy Assassination Chronicles
8) Probe (CTKA)
9) Fair Play (online E-zine)
10) Dealey Plaza Echo

Vince has been credited for his assistance in the following published books:

"Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board" (Government Printing Office, 1998, softcover [also on the internet]): pages xvii (table of contents) and p138

"November Patriots" by Constance Kritzberg & Larry Hancock (UnderCover Press, 1998, softcover): back jacket blurb+ pages v (table of contents), vi, viii, 383-384, 387, 421, 424, and 459-468 (entirety of chapter 4: "The 'Breakdown' of the Infrastructure of the Secret Service on November 22, 1963")

"That Day In Dallas" by Richard Trask (Yeoman Press, 1998, softcover): page vi (acknowledgments)

"Assassination Science" (edited) by James Fetzer (Catfeet Press, 1998, hard and softcover, pages 274, 293-294, and 456 (index)

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"The Global Index to the Assassination of JFK" [CD-ROM] by Walt Brown, Ph.D

And the search for the truth goes on........