Frequently Asked Questions about Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Lee Harvey Oswald Research Page was created in 1998 by
W. Tracy Parnell in order to publish his original research. Since 2004, the site has been hosted by Professor John McAdams of Marquette University.

What the experts are saying about W. Tracy Parnell:

Jean Davison, author of Oswald’s Game on W. Tracy Parnell’s Harvey & Lee: The Handwriting is on the Wall.
“Good work, Tracy. Parts One and Two are excellent also.”

Dr. Diane Holloway, Psychologist and author of The Mind of Oswald: Accused Assassin of President John F. Kennedy.
"I want to commend you on your balanced approach to the JFK assassination ... I was delighted to see what you have done with your site."

Barb Junkkarinen, JFK Researcher on W. Tracy Parnell’s review of Cover-up .
“Only one comment, Tracy: EXCELLENT!”

Stephen E. Lewis, JFK Researcher. "I salute you for having the courage to state your beliefs up front and still present arguments from both sides. THAT is what makes an outstanding website."

Dr. John McAdams, Professor of History at Marquette University and Webmaster of The Kennedy Assassination on W. Tracy Parnell’s Harvey & Lee: The Handwriting is on the Wall. “My main comment is: why the hell didn't somebody do this long ago??!! It's obvious. It's been under all our noses. Kudos to you for doing it.” Professor McAdams on W. Tracy Parnell’s review of False Witness. "Good review, Tracy!" "It's a handy synopsis of the book for anybody who hasn't read it, and will hopefully provoke some people to read it!"


Thanks to the following people who helped make this site possible:

Stephen E. Lewis (contributor)
John McAdams (site host)
Jerry Organ (contributor)
Vince Palamara (contributor)
Carol Parnell (editor)
Dave Reitzes (contributor)
Gary Sumner (contributor)

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