Dealey Plaza by Stephen E. Lewis
One researcher's trip to sacred ground.

Real History by Stephen E. Lewis
Stephen Lewis makes the case for a lone assassin.

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald by Stephen E. Lewis
Lewis looks at a docudrama of interest to researchers.

Debate: Regarding Secret Service Complicity & Negligence in JFK's Murder Featuring Howard Platzman & Vince Palamara
Battle of two JFK research heavyweights.

Boring's Interesting ARRB Interview by Vince Palamara
Noted Secret Service expert Vince Palamara's take on Floyd Boring's ARRB statements.

Gems From the 26 Volumes by Vince Palamara
Palamara takes on the Warren Commission.

My Infamous Contact With William Manchester by Vince Palamara
Palamara has a conversation with the noted JFK author.

The Mystery of JFK's Motorcycle Escort (and related matters) Compiled by Vince Palamara
Palamara looks at the WC testimony of JFK's two-wheel escorts

Death in Dealey Plaza by W. Tracy Parnell
A report on the Discovery Channel program featuring JFK historian Gary Mack.

Lee Harvey Oswald: New Orleans Roots by W. Tracy Parnell
LHO's New Orleans ancestry is traced.

Today Show Features JFK Experts by W. Tracy Parnell
NBC's morning program features Posner, McAdams and Mack.

Long Division: One Researcher, Ten Months, and Two Oswalds by Dave Reitzes
Why one researcher changed his mind about the research of John Armstrong.

Logic and the Killing of John Kennedy by Gary Sumner
What happens when common sense meets conspiracy theories.


Special Report: Gerald Posner's Case Closed

Special Report: Gus Russo's Live By The Sword

Gerald Posner's Case Closed by Stephen E. Lewis.

John Canal's Silencing the Lone Assassin
by Stephen E. Lewis.

Stewart Galanor's Cover-up by W. Tracy Parnell.

Patricia Lambert's False Witness by W. Tracy Parnell.

Gerald Posner's Killing The Dream by W. Tracy Parnell.

Dale Myers' With Malice by W. Tracy Parnell.

Oliver Stone's JFK Special Edition Director's Cut DVD by W. Tracy Parnell.

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