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Warren Commission Exhibit 228

Oswald's application to the Albert Schweitzer College in Churwalden, Switzerland.

Warren Commission Exhibit 1386

Deposition of Palmer McBride, an Oswald friend.

Warren Commission Exhibit 2649

Summary of a speech Oswald gave to a group of Jesuit students in Mobile, Alabama.

Carro Exhibit #1

Report of Oswald's probation officer.

House Select Committee on Assassinations Oswald handwriting Analysis

Study made in the late seventies to counter conspiracy theories

Lee Harvey Oswald's Historic Diary

Oswald's diary of his adventures in Russia (corrected).

Miller Funeral Home Service Order

Gives details about Oswald's burial.


Links to more information about Oswald and the Kennedy Assassination.

The Lee Harvey Oswald Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge about Oswald.

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