The Exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald

1981 Oswald Exhumation-Click to Enlarge Herse With Oswald's Body Dr. Linda Norton Oswald Head Oswald Grave

The 1981 exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald seems to be one aspect of his unusual life and death that is overlooked and misunderstood. Much of what researchers know appears to come from just a few sources. The goal of this project is an in-depth examination of the subject using a wide range of source material and a critical examination of information that has previously been granted general acceptance by some in the research community.

The Exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Norton Report

By W. Tracy Parnell © 2008
Part One-Michael Eddowes and the Legal Battle
Part Two-Paul Groody

Other Resources

The Norton Report Online (text only)
The March 1958 "Santa Ana" X-ray--Not So (Newsgroup Post by David Lifton)
Exhumation Photo (graphic)
Grave Doubts by M. Duke Lane
My Interview with Dr. Vincent DiMaio
Transcript of Paul Groody TMWKK Segment
Transcript of Paul Groody Segment-Infamous Grave Sites

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