Timeline of the Life of Lee Harvey Oswald

By W. Tracy Parnell


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July 8, 1897: The maternal grandparents of Lee Harvey Oswald (hereafter LHO), John

Claverie and Dorothea Stucke, are married in New Orleans, Louisiana.


July 19, 1907: LHO’s mother, Marguerite Francis Claverie, is born in New Orleans.


1924: Marguerite finds work as a receptionist at the New Orleans law firm of Defour,

Rosen, Wolff and Kammer.


August 8, 1929: Marguerite marries Edward John Pic, Jr. in Gulfport, Mississippi.


Summer, 1931: The Pics separate.


January 17, 1932: Marguerite gives birth to her first child, John Edward Pic.


1933: Marguerite divorces Pic.


July 20, 1933: Marguerite marries Robert Edward Lee Oswald (father of LHO). Oswald

had divorced his previous wife, Margaret Keating, in January.


April 7, 1934: Marguerite gives birth to her second son, Robert, Jr.


1938: The Oswalds purchase a home on Alvar Street in New Orleans.


August 19, 1939: Robert Oswald, Sr. dies.


October 18, 1939: LHO is born.


Early Life

September, 1940: Marguerite rents the Alvar Street house to Dr. Bruno Mancuso and

moves to Congress Street.


March 5, 1941: Marguerite and sons move to Bartholomew Street in New Orleans where

she operates a store called "Oswald's Notion Shop".


January 3, 1942: John and Robert are sent to the Bethlehem Children's Home. LHO is

rejected admission because of his age.


January, 1942: Marguerite sells her house on Bartholomew Street and moves to Pauline

Street and returns to work. LHO spends much of his time with his aunt Lillian.


Spring, 1942: LHO is taken care of by Mrs. Thomas Roach who lives in the same house

as the Oswalds.


Summer, 1942: Marguerite moves to Sherwood Forest Drive near the Murrets, and Lillian

Murret once again takes care of LHO.


December, 1942: Marguerite applies again to admit LHO, and he joins his brothers in the

Bethlehem Children's Home on December 26.


July, 1943: Marguerite is hired to work at a Hosiery Shop on Canal Street. Marguerite

meets Edwin A. Ekdahl.


January 29, 1944: Marguerite withdraws LHO from Bethlehem and moves to Dallas,

where she and Ekdahl plan to locate after marrying. Marguerite sells the Alvar Street

house and buys a house on Victor Street.


June, 1944: John and Robert leave Bethlehem and join the family on Victor Street.


February, 1945: Marguerite tries unsuccessfully to return John and Robert to Bethlehem.


May 7, 1945: Marguerite marries Edwin A. Ekdahl.


September, 1945: John and Robert are placed in the Chamberlain-Hunt Military Academy

in Mississippi.


Fall, 1945: The Ekdahls move to Granbury Road in Benbrook, a Fort Worth suburb.


October 31, 1945: LHO enters his first school, Benbrook Elementary.


February 8, 1946: LHO enters Harris Hospital in Fort Worth for a Mastoidectomy.


Summer, 1946: Marguerite and Ekdahl separate and, after removing John and Robert

from Chamberlain-Hunt, she moves to Covington, Louisiana.


September, 1946: John and Robert return to Chamberlain-Hunt, and LHO enters

Covington Elementary.


January 23, 1947: The Ekdahls reunite and move to Eighth Street in Fort Worth.


January 27, 1947: LHO enters Lily B. Clayton Elementary School.


Summer, 1947: Marguerite discovers Ekdahl is having an affair and confronts him in Fort



January 10, 1948: Marguerite orders Ekdahl out of the house.


March 18, 1948: Marguerite moves to Willing Street.


March 19, 1948: LHO enters George C. Clark Elementary.


March 23, 1948: Ekdahl files for divorce.


May, 1948: John and Robert join the family on Willing Street.


June 24, 1948: The Ekdahls are divorced, and Marguerite retains the name Oswald.

LHO completes the second grade.


July, 1948: Marguerite buys a small house on San Saba Street in Benbrook, where an

incident occurs in which LHO threatens John with a knife.


August, 1948: At the end of the summer, Marguerite sells the house and buys a larger

house in Fort Worth on Ewing Street.


September, 1948: LHO enters the third grade at Arlington Heights Elementary.

John gets a job at Everybody's Department Store. Robert returns to school.


October, 1948:John enters the Marine Corps Reserve.


January, 1949: John returns to school, but continues to work part-time.


September, 1949: LHO enters Ridgelea West Elementary, where he will remain for 3



December 25, 1949: Mrs. Clyde I. Livingston receives a puppy from LHO, who would stop

by thereafter to visit the dog.


 January, 1950: John Pic joins the Coast Guard. Robert quits school to work full-time.


September, 1951: Robert returns to school.


July, 1952: Robert joins the Marine Corps.


August, 1952: Marguerite and LHO go to New York City and move in with John, now

married, and his family on E. 92nd Street.


August, 1952: LHO enrolls at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School.


August, 1952: LHO threatens Mrs. Pic with a pocket knife, and the Oswalds are asked to



September, 1952: The Oswalds move to Sheridan Avenue in the Bronx, and LHO enters

P.S. 117, where he is frequently absent from classes. Marguerite is employed by

Learner's Dress Shop.


January, 1953: The Oswalds move to East 179th Street. Truancy hearings are held

regarding LHO's absences.


February, 1953: The Pics visit the Oswalds.


March 12, 1953: A petition is filed by LHO's attendance officer.


March 23, 1953: LHO registers at school.


April, 1953: Marguerite is working at Martin's Department Store.


April 16, 1953: LHO is declared a truant and remanded to Youth House where he

receives a psychological evaluation.


May, 1953: Marguerite is working for a chain of hosiery shops.


May 7, 1953: After being released from Youth House, LHO returns to court and is placed

on probation.


May 10, 1953 (presumed): LHO receives a handout about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

that begins his interest in Marxism.


July, 1953: Robert visits Marguerite and Lee.


September 14, 1953: LHO enters the eighth grade at P.S. 44.


September, 1953: Parole is extended in LHO’s truancy case until October 29th.


October, 1953: Parole is extended until November 19th.


November 19, 1953: The Oswalds appear in court, and parole is continued until January



January 4, 1954: A Big Brothers' caseworker visits the Oswalds.


January 9, 1954 (app.): The Oswalds move to New Orleans and stay with the Murrets on

French Street. The Oswalds would later live on Saint Mary Street in two different



January 13, 1954: LHO enrolls in the eighth grade at Beauregard Junior High.


March 11, 1954: The court case against LHO is dismissed.


September, 1954: LHO enters the ninth grade at Beauregard.


October, 1954: LHO takes a series of achievement tests in which he scores well in

reading and vocabulary and poorly in math.


Spring, 1955: The Oswalds move to Exchange Place in the French Quarter.


June 2, 1955: LHO fills out a personal history on which he indicates his future career

choices as "Military" and "Undecided".


July 14, 1955: Robert visits Marguerite and Lee.


July 27, 1955: LHO joins the Civil Air Patrol where he probably meets Captain David



September 8, 1955: LHO enters 10th grade at Warren Easton High School.


October 10, 1955: LHO drops out of school.


October, 1955: LHO tries to enlist in the Marines but is denied.


November 10, 1955: LHO starts work as a messenger boy at Gerald F. Tujague Inc.


January, 1956: LHO works as an office boy at J.R. Michels Inc.


February, 1956: LHO begins work for Pfisterer Dental Laboratory, where he would be

employed for several months.


July, 1956: Marguerite, LHO, and Robert move to Collinswood Street in Fort Worth.


September, 1956: LHO enrolls at Arlington Heights High School.


September 28, 1956: LHO drops out.


October 3, 1956: LHO contacts the Socialist Party of America.


October 24, 1956: LHO enlists in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17.


Marine Corps


October 26, 1956: LHO reports for duty in San Diego.


October 30, 1956: LHO takes a series of aptitude tests in which he scores 2 points below

average overall.


December 21, 1956: LHO scores a 212 (Sharpshooter) on a marksmanship test.


January 18, 1957: LHO reports to Camp Pendleton, California, where he is assigned to

the "A" Company of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Training Regiment.


February 27, 1957: LHO goes on leave for 2 weeks.


March 18, 1957: LHO reports to the Naval Air Technical Training Center in Jacksonville,



May 1, 1957: LHO is promoted to Private 1st Class.


May 3, 1957: LHO is given a "Confidential" security clearance.


May 3, 1957: LHO leaves for Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi.


June 17, 1957: LHO completes the Aircraft Control and Warning Operator Course in



June 20, 1957: He goes on leave, possibly visiting Marguerite.


June 25, 1957: LHO is given the occupational specialty of Aviation Electronics Operator.


July 9, 1957: LHO reports to the Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro, California, and is

attached to the 4th Replacement Battalion.


August 22, 1957: LHO departs for Japan.


September 12, 1957: He arrives in Japan at Yokosuka, where he is assigned to the

Marine Air Control Squadron #1, Marine Air Group 11, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, based in



October 27, 1957: LHO accidentally shoots himself in the arm with a derringer.


November 15, 1957: LHO is discharged from the hospital at Yokosuka.


November 20, 1957: LHO’s unit sails for the Philippine Islands.


March 7, 1958: LHO's unit sails for Atsugi.


March 18, 1958: The unit reaches Atsugi.


April 11, 1958: LHO is court-martialed for the first time for illegal possession of a firearm.


June 27, 1958: LHO is court-martialed for the second time for assaulting a superior and

sentenced to the brig.


August 13, 1958: LHO is released from confinement.


September 14, 1958: LHO and his unit sail for the South China Sea.


September, 1958: LHO's unit arrives in Taiwan, where he suffers a nervous breakdown

and is sent back to Japan.


October 5, 1958: LHO arrives in Atsugi.


October 6, 1958: LHO is put on general duty.


October 31, 1958: LHO receives his last overseas rating, a 4.0.


November 2, 1958: LHO departs Japan.


November 15, 1958: He arrives in San Francisco.


November 19, 1958: LHO takes 30 days leave.


December 22, 1958: LHO is assigned once again to El Toro, this time with MACS-9.


January, 1959: LHO is given his semi-annual ratings, which are average.


February 25, 1959: LHO requests a foreign language test in Russian and scores "poor".


March 9, 1959: LHO is promoted to Private 1st Class again.


March 19, 1959: LHO applies to the Albert Schweitzer College in Switzerland.


Spring, 1959: LHO meets Kerry Thornley, who often engaged him in political debate and

years later would write a book based on him.


June 19, 1959: LHO forwards a $25 registration fee to the Albert Schweitzer College.


July, 1959: LHO is given his semi-annual ratings, which are average.


August 17, 1959: LHO requests a dependency discharge because of an injury sustained

by his mother.


August 28, 1959: His request is recommended for approval.


September 4, 1959: LHO is transferred to H. & H. Squadron.


September 4, 1959: LHO applies for a passport.


September 10, 1959: The passport is issued.


September 11, 1959: LHO is released from active duty in the Marine Corps.


September 14, 1959: LHO arrives in Fort Worth.


September 15, 1959: LHO visits Robert and his family.


September 17, 1959: LHO travels to New Orleans to make travel arrangements for his trip

to Russia. That night, he stays at the Liberty Hotel.


September 20, 1959: LHO departs the United States with the Soviet Union as his final


Soviet Union

October 8, 1959: LHO disembarks at Le Havre. He leaves for England the same day.


October 9, 1959: LHO arrives in England and the same day boards a plane to Helsinki,



October 10, 1959: LHO arrives in Helsinki and registers at the Torni Hotel.


October 11, 1959: LHO moves to the Klaus Kurki Hotel.


October 12, 1959: LHO applies for a visa at the Russian consulate.


October 14, 1959: The visa is issued.


October 15, 1959: LHO leaves Helsinki by train.


October 16, 1959: LHO arrives in Moscow, registers at the Hotel Berlin, and meets his

Intourist guide Rima Shirokova.


October 17, 1959: Rima meets LHO for some sightseeing.


October 18, 1959: On LHO's 20th birthday, Rima gives him a copy of Dostoevsky’s The



October 19, 1959: LHO is interviewed by Lev Setyayev, who was probably acting for the



October 20, 1959: Rima tells LHO that the Passport and Visa Dept. will see him.


October 21, 1959: LHO is notified that his visa is about to expire, and he tries to commit

suicide in his hotel room. He is rushed to the hospital.


October 22, 1959: Rima visits LHO at the hospital, where he has been placed in the

psychiatric ward. He complains about the food.


October 23, 1959: LHO is transferred to a regular area of the hospital.


October 24, 1959: Rima visits LHO.


October 25, 1959: Rima visits again.


October 26, 1959: LHO meets an "elderly American", who is "suspicious" of him.


October 27, 1959: LHO's stitches are removed from his arm.


October 28, 1959: LHO is released from the hospital and changes hotels from the Berlin

to the Metropole. Later, he is summoned to a meeting at the Passport and Registration

Office, where he requests Soviet citizenship. He is told to wait while they decide what to

do with him.


October 29-30, 1959: LHO waits at his hotel for word.


October 31, 1959: LHO meets Second Secretary Richard E. Snyder and attempts to

renounce his U.S. citizenship. Snyder puts him off for the time being.


November 3, 1959: A letter from LHO arrives at the American Embassy requesting his

citizenship be revoked.


November 9, 1959: The Embassy tries unsuccessfully to deliver a letter from John Pic to



November 13, 1959: LHO grants an interview to Aline Mosby, a reporter for UPI.


November 16, 1959: He grants another interview to Priscilla Johnson, who in 1977 would

write a book called Marina and Lee.


December 17, 1959: Robert receives a letter from LHO asking for no further



January 4, 1960: LHO is told he is being sent to Minsk.


January 7, 1960: LHO arrives in Minsk, where he checks in at the Hotel Minsk. He meets

Roza Kuznetsova, who befriends him.


January 11, 1960: LHO meets Alexander Zigler, a Polish Jew who befriends him.


January 13, 1960: LHO begins work at the Belorussian Radio and Television Factory.


March-April, 1960: LHO meets Pavel Goloachev, who befriends him.


June 18, 1960: LHO obtains a hunting license and shortly afterward buys a shotgun.


June, 1960: He meets Ella German, who would become his first love.


September 13, 1960: LHO is given an "undesirable discharge" from the Marine Corps.


October 18, 1960: LHO's 21st birthday finds him entertaining several friends at his



January 1, 1961: LHO spends New Year's Day with Ella and her family and decides to

propose to her.


January 2, 1961: LHO proposes to Ella but is turned down.


January 4, 1961: LHO rejects Soviet citizenship, but asks that his residence permit be

extended. In his diary, he confides thoughts of leaving Russia for the first time.


February 13, 1961: The American Embassy in Moscow is notified by LHO that he wants

to return to the United States.


February 28, 1961: The Embassy notifies LHO that he will have to come to Moscow to

discuss his case.


March 5, 1961: LHO replies to the Embassy that he cannot leave Minsk and asks that

"preliminary inquiries" be made regarding his requests.


March (second week), 1961: Katherine Mallory, an American, believes she sees LHO in



March 17, 1961: LHO attends a trade dance where he meets Marina Prusakova.


March 24, 1961: The Embassy reiterates that LHO must come to Moscow.


March 30, 1961: LHO is hospitalized for an ear infection, and Marina is a frequent visitor.

During a subsequent visit, LHO proposes.


April 11, 1961: LHO leaves the hospital.


April 20, 1961: Marina accepts LHO's marriage proposal.


April 30, 1961: LHO and Marina are married.


May 5, 1961: LHO reopens his correspondence with his family by writing his brother



May 25, 1961: LHO notifies the Embassy that he has married, and his wife would like to

accompany him to the U.S.


July 8, 1961: LHO travels to Moscow to talk to Snyder concerning his efforts to return to

the U.S.


July 9, 1961: After a call from LHO, Marina joins him in Moscow.


July 10, 1961: LHO returns to the Embassy to see Snyder, who agrees to return his



July 11, 1961: LHO and Marina return to the Embassy to fill out papers for Marina.


July 14, 1961: LHO and Marina return to Minsk. In a letter to Robert, LHO reports on his

efforts to leave Russia.


August 20, 1961: The Oswalds send the necessary papers to leave the country to

Russian officials.


October, 1961: Marina spends 3 weeks with her aunt in Kharkov.


October 4, 1961: LHO writes the Embassy requesting the U.S. Government intervene in

his case.


October 12, 1961: The Embassy replies to LHO offering little hope for a speedy exit from

the country.


October 18, 1961: LHO spends his 22nd birthday at the opera.


November 1, 1961: LHO writes the Embassy saying that if his residence permit were

renewed, it would be over his protest.


November 12, 1961: Marina returns from Kharkov.


November 13, 1961: The Embassy replies telling LHO that retention of his passport would

not jeopardize his request to leave.


December, 1961: LHO writes Texas Senator John Tower, asking for his help with the exit



December 25, 1961: Marina is called to the passport office and told that she and LHO will

be granted exit visas.


December 27, 1961: LHO tells the Embassy that they will be given visas and asks to

extend his passport.


January 1, 1962: LHO and Marina spend New Year's Day with their friends, the Zigers.


January 2, 1962: LHO writes his mother that he and Marina expect to arrive in the U.S. in



January 5, 1962: LHO writes to the Embassy asking for a loan from the U.S. Government.


January 13, 1962: LHO writes to the International Rescue Committee asking for $800.


January 15, 1962: The Embassy tells LHO it needs proof that Marina will not become a

ward of the state.


January 23, 1962: LHO replies to the Embassy, saying that his affidavit should be

enough but contacts Marguerite the same day requesting that she file an affidavit.


January 24, 1962: The Embassy receives an affidavit from LHO for Marina, but tells LHO

to obtain another one.


January 26, 1962: LHO writes to the International Rescue Committee again asking for



January 30, 1962: LHO learns of his "Undesirable" discharge, which is incorrectly

reported by his mother to be "Dishonorable".


January 30, 1962: He writes John Connally, former Secretary of the Navy, asking for help

reversing the discharge.


February 1, 1962: LHO writes his mother rejecting her suggestion regarding raising

money through a newspaper appeal.


February 6, 1962: The Embassy contacts LHO asking him to make a formal application for

a loan.


February 15, 1962: June Lee Oswald is born.


February 23, 1962: Marina comes home from the hospital.


March 3, 1962: the Embassy receives LHO's request for a loan.


March 15, 1962: Marina's visa is approved.


March 28, 1962: LHO receives an affidavit of support from Marguerite's employer.


April 12, 1962: In a letter to Robert, LHO indicates they are not in a hurry to leave since

good weather has arrived.


May 10, 1962: The Embassy asks LHO to come and sign the final papers for the

departure to America.


May 18, 1962: LHO leaves his job.


May 22, 1962: He picks up his exit visa.


May 24, 1962: The Oswalds arrive in Moscow to visit the Embassy.


June1, 1962: LHO signs a promissory note for $435.71, and the Oswalds leave for



June 13, 1962: The Oswalds arrive in Hoboken, NJ.


June 14, 1962: They leave by plane for Fort Worth.


Return to America

June 14, 1962: The Oswalds arrive in Fort Worth, where they move in with Robert.


June 18, 1962: LHO asks stenographer Pauline Bates to type a manuscript that he had

written in Russia.


June 19, 1962: LHO contacts Peter Gregory, who gives him a letter testifying to LHO's

Russian language ability.


June 26, 1962: LHO is interviewed by the FBI for the first time.


July 14, 1962: The Oswalds move in with Marguerite at 1501 W. 7th Street in Fort Worth.


July 17, 1962: LHO obtains a job at Louv-R-Pak Division of the Leslie Welding Company.


August 10, 1962: The Oswalds move to 2703 Mercedes St. in Fort Worth.


August 16, 1962: The FBI interviews LHO a second time.


August 25, 1962: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of Paul Gregory, where

they meet several members of the local Russian émigré community.


September, 1962: The Oswalds meet George De Mohrenschildt and his wife.


October, 1962: Marina and June move in with Elena Hall while LHO looks for work in



October 9, 1962: LHO visits the Texas Employment Commission in Dallas where he

scores well on aptitude tests. He also rents a PO Box under his own name at the main

Post Office.


October 10, 1962: LHO fills out a change of address form forwarding his mail to the new

PO box.


October 11, 1962: LHO is referred to Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall Co. by the Employment

Commission, and he is hired.


October 12, 1962: He begins work at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall.


October 15, 1962: LHO moves into the YMCA.


October 16, 1962: June is baptized without LHO's knowledge.


November 4, 1962: The Oswalds are reunited at 604 Elsbeth St. in Dallas, where LHO

had found an apartment.


November 5, 1962: The Oswalds have a violent argument, and Marina and June move in

with their friends, the Mellers.


November 10, 1962: Marina and June move to the home of the Fords.


November 17, 1962: Marina and June spend the day at the home of Mrs. Frank Ray. LHO

calls and asks to visit Marina, who agrees to return to him. They return to the Elsbeth St.

address that night.


November 22, 1962: On Thanksgiving Day, the Oswalds visit Robert's home, where LHO

and John Pic are reunited after 10 years.


December 28, 1962: The Oswalds attend a New Year's party at the Fords' home.


January 14, 1963: LHO enrolls in a typing course at Crozier Technical School.


January 25, 1963: LHO makes the final two payments on the State Department loan.


January 28, 1962: LHO orders a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver by mail.


February 13, 1963: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of the De



February 22, 1963: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of Everett Glover,

where they meet Ruth Paine.


March 2, 1963: The Oswalds move to 214 West Neely Street.


March 9-10, 1963: LHO takes photographs of the home of General Edwin Walker, a right-

wing activist.


March 11, 1963: The Militant, a prominent left-wing publication, publishes a letter signed

L.H., probably written by LHO.


March 12, 1963: Ruth Paine visits Marina at the new apartment. Also that day, LHO

orders a rifle from Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago.


March 20, 1963: The rifle and the revolver are shipped.


March 25, 1963: LHO picks up the weapons.


March 31, 1963: Marina takes the infamous "Backyard Photos" of LHO.


April 1, 1963: LHO is fired by Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall.


April 2, 1963: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of Ruth and Michael Paine,

where General Walker is mentioned.


April 6, 1963: LHO's last day at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall.


April 10, 1963: LHO (according to evidence discovered later) fires a single shot at General

Walker, which misses him.


April 12, 1963: LHO files for unemployment benefits.


April 14, 1963: LHO retrieves the rifle which he had hidden near the shooting site.


April 17, 1963: LHO decides to move to New Orleans.


April 24, 1963: Ruth drives LHO to the bus station, where he leaves for New Orleans.


April 25, 1963: LHO moves in with his aunt Lillian Murret.


April 26, 1963: LHO visits the employment office in New Orleans.


April 28, 1963: LHO makes an effort to contact relatives on his father's side.


April 29, 1963: LHO files an appeal concerning his unemployment benefits.


May 9, 1963: With the help of Myrtle Evans, LHO finds work at the Reily Coffee Co. He

also finds an apartment.


May 10, 1963: LHO starts work and moves into his new apartment at 4905 Magazine St.


May 11, 1963: Ruth, Marina and June arrive at the apartment. Ruth stays on to visit.


May 14, 1963: Ruth returns to Dallas.


May 26, 1963: LHO writes to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee requesting a charter.


May 29, 1963: LHO orders 1,000 handbills for FPCC.


June 3, 1963: LHO rents a new PO box, using A.J. Hidell as one of the people that will

receive mail there.


June 8, 1963: Marina is rejected for treatment at the New Orleans Charity Hospital,

infuriating LHO.


June 16, 1963: LHO distributes FPCC literature at the Dumaine Street wharf where the

U.S.S. Wasp is docked.


June 24, 1963: LHO applies for a new passport.


July 6, 1963: LHO is invited by his cousin Eugene to speak to a group of students at the

Jesuit House of Studies in Mobile, Alabama, where Eugene is studying to be a priest.


July 11, 1963: Ruth invites Marina to live with her separately from LHO.


July 19, 1963: LHO is fired from the Reily Coffee Co.


July 22, 1963: He files a claim for unemployment benefits.


July 25, 1963: LHO's request for a review of his undesirable discharge is denied.


July 27, 1963: LHO speaks to the Jesuit group for 30 minutes on the subject of

"Contemporary Russia and the Practice of Communism".


August 5, 1963: LHO offers to help anti-Castro Cuban Carlos Bringuier in his struggle

against Castro.


August 6, 1963: He leaves his Marine Corps manual at Bringuier's store.


August 9, 1963: Bringuier confronts LHO when he sees him distributing FPCC literature

on Canal Street. A scuffle ensues, and the two are arrested. LHO spends the night in jail.


August 10, 1963: LHO is interviewed by John Quigley of the FBI at LHO's request. A

friend of the Murrets bails him out late in the afternoon.


August 12, 1963: LHO pleads guilty to the charge of disturbing the peace and is fined



August 17, 1963: Bill Stuckey from radio station WDSU visits LHO and asks him to

appear on the program Latin Listening Post. He arrived at the station at 5:00 PM and

taped a 37-minute segment, which was cut to 4 and a half minutes and broadcast at 7:30

that evening.


August 19, 1963: LHO accepts Stuckey's offer to debate Bringuier on a live radio



August 21, 1963: LHO debates Bringuier and Ed Butler, director of a right-wing group, on

the program Conversation Carte Blanche, which runs from 6:05 to 6:30 PM.


September 17, 1963: LHO obtains a tourist card good for one visit to Mexico City from the

Mexican consulate in New Orleans.


September 20, 1963: Ruth visits the Oswalds, and it is decided that Marina will return to

Irving with Ruth for the birth of the baby.


September 23, 1963: Ruth and Marina leave for Irving.


September 24, 1963: Eric Rogers, a neighbor, sees LHO running to catch a bus.


September 25, 1963: LHO collects his unemployment check of $33. Later, he catches a

bus bound for Houston. Late that night, he places a phone call to Horace Twiford, an

official of the Texas Socialist Labor Party.


Mexico City

September 26, 1963


Early in the morning, LHO boards a bus for Laredo, Texas. He crosses the border into

Mexico in the early afternoon.


2:15 PM: At Nuevo Laredo, LHO boards a bus for Mexico City.


September 27, 1963


10:00 AM: LHO arrives in Mexico City.


11:00 AM: LHO registers at the Hotel del Comercio, where he will stay for the duration of

his visit.


11:30 AM: LHO makes his first visit to the Cuban Embassy, where he fills out the

application for a visa to Cuba. In the afternoon, LHO returns with passport photographs

he had obtained. When LHO is told that the visa could take up to four months and was

not possible without a Russian visa as well, he becomes angry. He walks a short

distance to the Russian Embassy to inquire about a visa to Russia and is put off until the

next day.


September 28, 1963


LHO returns to both the Cuban and the Russian Embassies with no success.


September 29, 1963


LHO probably attends a bullfight on this, a Sunday.


September 30, 1963


LHO phones the Russian Embassy one last time with no success. Later, he buys a bus

ticket from Mexico City to Laredo, Texas.


October 1, 1963


LHO pays the Hotel bill through that day.


October 2, 1963


8:30 AM: LHO departs on bus #332 for Texas.


October 3, 1963


1:35 AM: LHO crosses into the U.S.


2:20 PM: LHO arrives in Dallas.



October 3, 1963: LHO checks in at the YMCA. Later in the day, he files a claim at the

employment office.


October 4, 1963: LHO applies for work at Padgett Printing Co. He makes a favorable

impression, but is not hired because of poor references. Later, he telephones Marina and

asks for a ride to Ruth Paine's home and is denied. He hitchhikes the 12 miles to Ruth's



October 7, 1963: Ruth drives LHO to the bus station, and he returns to Dallas to look for

work. Later, LHO obtains a room at 621 Marsalis St.


October 12, 1963: LHO advised his landlady that he was leaving for the weekend, and

she stated that she didn't want him to return. LHO went to Ruth's for the weekend.


October 14, 1963: Ruth drives LHO to Dallas, where he later registers as O.H. Lee at a

new rooming house on North Beckley. Later, Ruth mentions to a group of neighbors that

LHO is having trouble finding work. One of the ladies, Linnie Mae Randle, mentioned a

possible opening at the Texas School Book Depository; and when LHO calls the Paine

home that evening, Ruth informs him of the opening.


October 15, 1963: LHO applies at the TSBD and is hired.


October 16, 1963: LHO begins work at the TSBD.


October 18, 1963: LHO receives a ride from Buell Frazier to the Paine home, where a

surprise birthday party is waiting for him.


October 20, 1963: Marina gives birth to Audrey Marina Rachel Oswald.


October 23, 1963: LHO attends a right-wing rally where General Walker is a speaker.


October 25, 1963: Michael Paine and LHO attend a meeting of the ACLU.


October 29, 1963: FBI agent James Hosty makes inquiries in the Paine's neighborhood

regarding LHO.


November 1, 1963: Hosty interviews Ruth and Marina at the Paine home. Also that day,

LHO rents a new PO box and sends letters to the ACLU and the American Communist



November 2, 1963: LHO instructs Marina that if Hosty returns she should get his plate



November 3, 1963: Ruth gives LHO a driving lesson.


November 5, 1963: Hosty returns for another interview, and Marina obtains his plate



November 8, 1963: Frazier drops LHO off at the Paine's home, as usual.


November 9, 1963: Ruth takes LHO to the Driver Examination Station accompanied by

Marina and the children. When they discovered it was closed, they spent time at a local

five and dime store.


November 11, 1963: LHO spends Veteran's Day at the Paine home.


November 12, 1963: LHO delivers a note to the FBI building addressed to Hosty warning

him to leave his family alone.


November 15, 1963: Marina advises LHO not to come the following weekend as Michael

Paine will be there to celebrate his daughter's birthday.


November 17, 1963: Ruth calls LHO's rooming house at Marina's request to find they

don't know him by the name LHO Harvey Oswald.


November 19, 1963: The Dallas Times Herald details the exact route of the presidential



November 21, 1963: LHO breaks routine by having breakfast at the Dobb's House

restaurant. Later, he arrives at the Paine home without calling first. He retires early that



The Assassination Weekend

Friday, November 22, 1963


6:30 AM: LHO rises.


7:15 AM: Linnie Mae Randle sees LHO carrying a long paper bag.


7:23 AM: LHO and Frazier leave for the TSBD with the package.


7:50 AM (app.): At the TSBD, LHO enters with the package.


9:45 AM (app.): LHO is seen looking out toward the motorcade route by Junior Jarman.


11:40 AM: LHO is seen on the sixth floor near the windows.


11:45 AM: LHO remains on the sixth floor while the others descend by elevator to the

second floor for lunch.


11:55 AM (app.): LHO assembles the rifle and creates the "Sniper's nest"(presumed).


12:18 PM: Howard Brennan arrives near the TSBD to watch the motorcade and shortly

after sees a man in the sixth floor window.


12:30 PM: LHO assassinates President John F. Kennedy.


12:31:30 PM: LHO is confronted in the lunchroom by Patrolman Marrion Baker. The

superintendent of the building, Roy Truly, vouches for LHO, and he is released.


12:33 PM: LHO leaves the TSBD by the front door (presumed).


12:40 PM: LHO boards a bus to make his escape.


12:44 PM: LHO leaves the bus when it becomes bogged down in traffic.


12:48 PM: LHO hails a cab and asks to be taken to 500 North Beckley.


12:54 PM: LHO exits the cab in the 700 block of Beckley.


1:00 PM: LHO arrives on foot at his rooming house, where he retrieves his pistol.


1:03 PM: LHO leaves the rooming house.


1:16 PM: LHO shoots Officer J.D. Tippit and continues fleeing.


1:22 PM: Police broadcast a description of the suspect in the Tippit murder.


1:40 PM: LHO enters the Texas Theater.


1:50 PM: After a struggle with police, LHO is captured.


2:00 PM: LHO arrives at Dallas Police headquarters.


2:30 PM: LHO is first questioned by Dallas police.


4:05 PM: LHO is taken to the basement for the first lineup.


4:20 PM: LHO is returned upstairs for further questioning in Captain Fritz' office.


6:20 PM: LHO is taken for the second lineup.


6:35 PM: LHO is returned upstairs for questioning.


7:10 PM: LHO is formally arraigned for the murder of Tippit.


7:40 PM: LHO is taken for the third lineup.


11:26 PM: LHO is charged with the murder of JFK.


Saturday, November 23, 1963


12:05 AM (app.): LHO appears before the media in the basement.


12:20 AM: LHO is returned to his cell.


1:30 AM: LHO is formally arraigned for the murder of JFK.


10:25 AM: Another day of questioning begins.


11:35 AM: LHO is returned to his cell.


12:35 PM: LHO is taken to Fritz' office for questioning.


1:10 PM: Marina and Marguerite visit LHO.


1:40 PM: LHO tries unsuccessfully to contact Attorney John Abt.


2:15 PM: LHO appears in another lineup.


2:45 PM: Fingernail scrapings and hair samples are obtained from LHO with his



3:30 PM: Robert visits LHO.


4:00-4:30 PM: LHO phones Ruth and asks her to try to obtain John Abt as his attorney.


5:30 PM: LHO is visited by the president of the Dallas Bar Association, H. Louis Nichols.


6:00 PM: LHO is taken again for questioning.


7:15 PM: LHO is returned to his cell.


8:00 PM: LHO phones Ruth Paine and asks to speak to Marina. Ruth tells him she is no

longer there.


Sunday, November 24, 1963


9:30 AM: LHO is signed out of jail in anticipation of a transfer to the county facility.


11:15 AM: The transfer party leaves Fritz' office after a final round of questions.


11:21 AM: LHO is shot by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas city jail.


1:07 PM: LHO is pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital.




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