1. Statements by members of the committee:
DateVolume - page
Statement by Chairman Louis Stokes: Issues in the Investigation 9-6 I-1
Opening Statement by Representative Richardson Preyer 9-6 I-3
Statement of Chairman Louis Stokes Concerning the Cooperation Received by the Committee on its Trip to Cuba.9-18 III-193
Statement by Representatives Richard Preyer Concerning Activities of the Central Intelligence Agency.9-22 IV-250
Opening Remarks by Chairman Louis Stokes Concerning the Possibility of Conspiracy.9-25 IV-251
Special Acknowledgment by Chairman Louis Stokes Concerning the Dallas Police Department.9-26 IV-607
Statement by Chairman Louis Stokes Concerning the Hearings and Investigation into the Assassination of President Kennedy.9-28 V-486
Closing Remarks by Chairman Louis Stokes12-29 V-697

2. Narrations by G. Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel and Staff Director:
DateVolume - page
President Kennedy's Decision To Visit Dallas9-6 I-5
Testimony by Critics: Robert Groden9-6 I-61
The Autopsy of President Kennedy9-7 I-141
Analysis of the Kennedy X-Rays9-7 I-148
Introduction of Capt. James J. Humes, M.D.9-7 I-323
Introduction of Dr. Cyril H. Wecht9-7 I-332
Introduction of Dr. Charles S. Petty9-8 I-375
Analysis of the Wound Ballistics Evidence9-8 I-381
Analysis of the Forensic Firearms Evidence9-8 I-442
Neutrons Activation Analysis9-8 I-489
Number of Shots: Startle Reaction Analysis9-11 II-2
Acoustics Analysis9-11 II-16
Bullet Trajectory Analysis9-12 II-139
Marina Oswald Porter9-13/14 II-205
Authenticity of the Backyard Photographs9-14 II-319
Other Analysis of the Backyard Photographs9-14 II-347
Photographic Analysis9-14 II-348
Yuri Nosenko9-15 II-436
Oswald: Cuba and Mexico9-18 III-1
Interview with President Fidel Castro9-19 III-195
Elena Garro Paz9-19 III-285
Performance of the Secret Service9-19 III-319
Investigation by the FBI9-19 III-457
The FBI's Performance in the Oswald Security Case9-20 III-512
Performance of the Warren Commission9-21 III-559
Performance of the CIA9-22 IV-1
Anthropological Analysis9-25 IV-365
Gunmen in Dealey Plaza: Photographic Analysis9-25 IV-386
The Umbrella Man9-25 IV-429
Conspiracy Theories9-26 IV-469
Earl Ruby9-26 IV-539
Lewis J. McWillie9-27 V-1
Jack Ruby Associates9-27 V-240
Acoustics Analysis-The Fourth Shot12-29 V-499
Dallas Police Department Tape12-29 V-553
Firing Time of a Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle12-29 V-617
Closing Comments12-29 V-690

3. Witnesses:*
DateVolume - page
Aleman, Jose9-27 V-301
Aschkenasy, Ernest(vii)12-29 V-555
Azcue Lopez, Eusebio9-18 III-126
Baden, Dr. Michael(ii)9-7 I-180
Barger, Dr. James E.(vii)9-11 II-17
Bates, John S., Jr.(iii)9-8 I-444
Canning, Thomas(i)9-12 II-154
Champagne, Donald E.(iii)9-8 I-444
Connally, Governor John B9-6 I-11
Connally, Mrs. John B9-6 I-11
Cooper, Senator John Sherman9-21 III-561
Dox, Ida9-7 I-146
Ford, President Gerald R9-21 III-561
Gale, James H9-20 III-513
Green, Dr. David(vii)9-11 II-111
Griffin, Judge Burt W.(xi)9-28 V-471
Groden, Robert(i)9-6 I-62
Guinn, Dr. Vincent P9-8 I-491
Hart, John9-15 II-487
Hartmann, Dr. William(i)9-11 II-4
Helms, Richard M9-22 IV-5
Hess, Jacqueline9-25 IV-454
Humes, Capt. James J., M.D.(ii)9-7 I-323
Hunt, Dr. Bob R.(i)9-25 IV-387
Katzenbach, Nicholas deB9-21 III-642
Kelley, Insp. Thomas9-19 III-323
Kirk, Sergeant Cecil W.(i)9-14/15II-349
Levine, Dr. Lowell(ii)9-7 I-149
Lutz, Monty C.(iii)9-8 I-444
McCaghren, Paul9-11 II-107
McCamy, Calvin S.(i)9-7I-149
McCloy, John J9-21 III-599
McClain, H.B.(iii)12-29 V-617
McNally, Joseph P9-14II-372
McWillie, Lewis J9-27 V-2
Malley, James R9-20 III-462
Mirabal Diaz, Alfredo9-18 III-173
Newquist, Andrew M.(iii)9-8 I-444
Petty, Dr. Charles S.(ii)9-8 I-375
Porter, Marina Oswald(xviii)9-13/14 II-206
Rankin, J. Lee(xi)9-21 III-612
Revill, Capt. Jack9-26 IV-568
Rowley, James J9-19 III-356
Ruby, Earl9-26 IV-500
Salerno, Ralph(viii)9-28 V-378
Snow, Dr. Clyde Collins(i)9-25 IV-367
Sturdivan, Larry9-8 I-383
Trafficante, Santos9-28 V-346
Wecht, Dr. Cyril H.(ii)9-7 I-332
Weiss, Mark(viii)12-29 V-555
White, Jack D.(i)9-14 II-322
Witt, Louie Steven9-25 IV-429

*Persons whose names are followed by a (i-xx) contributed to the scientific reports or gave depositions or other statements which are contained in the various staff reports. See the index of Kennedy appendixes for the locations of the referenced material.


No.DescriptionDate EnteredVolume/Page
F-1*Deposition of Nosenko 5/30/786/19
F-2*Visa application of Lee Harvey Oswald, 12/29/596/20
F-3*Articles "New York Times" dated 9/5/59, Dateline Moscow 6/20
F-4*Medical Records of Lee Harvey Oswald, Russian Hospital6/20
F-5*FBI Report of Yuri Nosenko dated 3/5/646/20
F-6*Transcript of Nosenko testimony to CIA dated 7/3/646/20
F-7*Tape Recording (2 reels) dated 7/3/64 and 7/27/646/20
F-8Film of Motorcade9/6I-39
F-9Map of Dallas showing motorcade route9/6I-37
F-10AAerial views of Dealey Plaza9/6I-38
F-10BAerial views of Dealey Plaza9/6I-38
F-11Photograph of President John F. Kennedy and Governor John B. Connally in Fort Worth 9/6I-34
F-12Photograph of President John F. Kennedy and Governor John B. Connally at the Dallas airport.9/6I-35
F-13Photograph of President John F. Kennedy and Governor John B. Connally in the motorcade.9/6I-36
F-15Aerial view of Dealey Plaza9/6I-38
F-16Not used.
F-17Article, "Kennedy to Visit Texas 11/21-22"9/6I-20
F-19List of materials examined by the doctors9/7I-182
F-20Drawing showing back entrance of wound of President John F. Kennedy 9/7I-186
F-21Photograph of the back entrance wound9/7I-187
F-22Photograph of portion of back wound photograph 9/7I-188
F-23Diagram of principle of abrasion collar perpindicular entry
F-24Diagram of principle of abrasion collar angular entry 9/7I-191
F-25President Kennedy's shirt9/7I-193
F-26President Kennedy's jacket9/7I-194
F-27President Kennedy's tie9/7I-195
F-28X-ray of path through back of Kennedy (#8 Ebersoll)9/7I-196
F-29X-ray of path through back of Kennedy (#9 Ebersoll)9/7I-196
F-30Photograph of X-ray of path of missile through back 9/7I-197
F-31Photograph of X-ray of path of missile through back 9/7I-198
F - 32Report of Dr. David O. Davis, 8/23/789/7I-200
F - 33Report of Dr. G.M. McDonnel, 8/4/789/7I-204
F - 34 Outside Contact Report with Dr. Norman Chase 2/27/78, Hearings of the Select Commit tee on Assassinations 9/7I-209
F - 35Outside Contact Report with Dr. William B. Seaman, 2/27/789/7I-212
F-36Drawing of the neck wound of John F. Kennedy9/7I-215
F-37Photograph of the neck wound of John F. Kennedy 9/7I-215
F-38Photograph of portion of the neck wound photograph 9/7I-216
F-42Autopsy Protocol Report9/7I-218
F-43Autopsy supplemental report, 12/6/639/7I-225
F-44Autopsy descriptive sheet9/7I-228
F-45Photographic enlargement of autopsy descriptive sheet 9/7I-217
F-46Photograph of drawing of path of bullet through John F. Kennedy's back 9/7I-231
F-47Warren Commission drawing of path through neck showing entry and exit paths (CE 385)9/7I-232
F-48Drawing of back of John F. Kennedy's head, with ruler 9/7I-234
F-49aDetail of cowlick area9/7I-235
F-49bArea of head9/7I-235
F-50Photograph of wound in back of head9/7I-236
F-51Photograph of brain tissue in back of head9/7I-237
F-52Photograph of lateral skull X-ray9/7I-239
F-53Photograph of lateral skull X-ray enhancement9/7I-240
F-54Lateral skull X-ray9/7I-238
F-55Photograph of front skull X-ray9/7I-243
F-56Photograph of front skull X-ray enhancement 9/7I-244
F-57Front skull X-ray9/7I-242
F-58Drawing of the front head wound9/7I-245
F-59Photograph of JFK's neck wound9/7I-246
F-60Enlargement of the photograph of the head wound 9/7I-247
F-61Diagram of beveling9/7I-314
F-64Photograph of X-ray of three skull fragments 9/7I-249
F-65Drawing of bullet path through head (intact view)9/7I-251
F-66Photograph of drawing of bullet path through head (exploded view)9/7I-252
F-67Enlargement of Zapruder frame 3129/7I-253
F-68Warren Commission diagram of path of bullet through head (CE388)9/7I-255
F-70Warren Commission testimony of Dr. Robert Shaw, 4/21/649/7I-257
F-71Interview of Dr. Shaw, 11/9/77, Hearings of the select Committee on Assassinations, with diagram.9/7I-295
F-73Diagram of Connally body, front view9/7I-295
F-74Governor Connally's shirt (CE 394), front and back 9/7I-278-279
F-75Governor Connally's jacket (CE 393), front and back 9/7I-280-281
F-76Photograph of Connally chest X-ray9/7I-283
F-77Photograph of Connally chest X-ray9/7I-284
F-81Diagram of Connally body-both sides showing bullet path through body 9/7I-286
F-84Photograph of right wrist X-ray9/7I-288
F-85Photograph of right wrist X-ray9/7I-289
F-88Governor Connally's trousers9/7I-291
F-89Photograph of Connally's thigh X-ray9/7I-292
F-90Photograph of Connally thigh X-ray9/7I-293
F-95Bullet found on connally's stretcher9/7I-297
F-96Composite photograph of six rifles with similar characteristics of the Mannlicher-Carcano.9/8I-448
F-97Composite photograph of six rifles, with identification 9/8I-448
F-98Composite of three photograph of cartridge case found in TSBD, CE5439/8I-456
F-99Composite of two photographs of CE543 and Panel Tests 1 and 39/8I-457
F-100Composite of two photograph of Panel Tests 1, 2, 3, and 49/8I-458
F-101Composite of two photographs of CE141 and Panel Test #49/8I-461
F-102Composite of four photographs of various views of CE3999/7I-334
F-103Composite of three photographs of various test-fired bullets and CE5729/8I-465
F-104Composite of three photographs showing photomicrograph of land and groove comparisons of CE399 and CE572 KIA 9/8I-466
F-105Composite of eight photographs of CE567; CE569; CE840; CE842 and CE8439/8I-472
F-106Composite of two photographs-photo micrographs of land and groove impressions on CE567, 569 and 572 K1-A and K1B. 9/8I-473
F-107Photograph of Walker bullet-CE5739/8I-474
F-108Composite of two photographs of Oswald's revolver-CE5739/8I-477
F-109Composite of two photograph of CE594, Q74, Q77 and Panel Test #1 photomicrograph of firing pin impressions. 9/8I-478
F-110Jack Ruby's revolver9/8I-480
F-111Photograph of bullet in flight, showing N-wave 9/8I-387
F-112Composite of four photographs of Spark9/8I-389
F-113shadowgraph of 30 caliber bullet in air and gelatin.9/8I-389
F-114Composite of two photographs of bullet exploding in gelatin9/8I-390
F-115Drag force formula9/8I-396
F-116Photograph of permanent cavities left in gelatin by 6.5 mm, 7.62 mm, and .257 caliber bullets.9/8I-392
F-117Film of gelatin experiment9/8I-397
F-118Drawing of the three views of bullets CE399 and two test bullets 9/8I-411
F-121 Composite of two photographs by Hughes, TSBD window 9/6I-102
F-122 Photograph by Dillard, TSBD window9/12I-103
F-123 Composite of two photographs by Powell, TSBD9/12I-104
F-124 Photograph by Altgens of motorcade Milteer in crowd allegation9/12I-116
F-125Composite of two photographs of J.A. Milteer9/12I-117
F-126Photograph by Altgens, TSBD doorway9/12I-107
F-127Composite of four photographs of Oswald-Billy Lovelady9/12I-122
F-128 Photograph by Altgens, fire escape image9/19I-108
F-129 Photograph of wall image by Moorman9/6I-109
F-130Composite of four photographs of the umbrella man9/6I-114
F-131Composite of four photographs of the "3 tramps"9/6I-119
F-132Composite of three photographs of Oswald "two Oswald" theory9/6I-130
F-133Topographic survey map of Dealey Plaza9/12II-148
F-134Zapruder frame 3129/12II-160
F-135Photograph by Croft (161) of limousine and occupants 9/12II-174
F-136Composite of four photographs-Betzner and limousine9/12II-182
F-137Diagram-location of head wounds in President Kennedy 9/12II-159
F-138Diagram-line of sight from Zapruder's camera to John F. Kennedy/direction of bullet causing head wound.9/12II-166
F-139Diagram-line of sight from Zapruder's camera to John F. Kennedy/slope of bullet causing head wound.9/12II-167
F-140Diagram-direction of bullet causing John F. Kennedy back-neck wound 9/12II-177
F-141Photograph of anthropological head based on Zapruder frame 312-likeness of Kennedy 9/12II-163
F-142Diagram-slope of bullet causing John F. Kennedy back-neck wound 9/12II-177
F-143Diagram-relative positions of Kennedy and Connally 9/12II-183
F-144Diagram-direction of single bullet theory trajectory 9/12II-189
F-145Diagram-slope of single bullet theory trajectory 9/12II-189
F-146Diagram elements to determining trajectory of Kennedy to Connally bullets 9/12II-161
F-147Diagram-location of head wounds in President Kennedy 9/12II-159
F-148Zapruder film-rotoscope copy9/6I-68
F-149Diagram of computer scan of image9/25IV-390
F-150Composite of two photographs-example of computer contrast enhancement9/25IV-393
F-151Composite of two photographs-example of computer image deblurring 9/25IV-393
F-152Composite of two photographs-example of unsuccessful image deblurring 9/25IV-396
F-153Composite of two photographs by Dillard of TSBD (original and RIT enhancement).9/25IV-399
F-154Composite of two photographs-SRI demonstration of autoradiographic image enhancement.9/25IV-397
F-155Photograph-full frame enlargement of Willis slide #5, motorcade9/6I-109
F-156Composite of two photographs-SRI enhancement of Dillard photographs 9/25IV-407
F-157Composite of two photographs-Powell slide of TSBD (original and USC computer enhancement).9/25IV-400
F-159Diagram-Huges film, motion analysis #1, changes in shape and position 9/25IV-403
F-159AChart/graph-Hughes film, motion analysis #2 near beginning/near end 9/25IV-403
F-160Photograph-computer enhancement of Willis #59/25IV-409
F-161Photograph Aerospace enhancement of segments9/25IV-418
F-162Photograph-USC enhancement of Nix film of classic gunman 9/25IV-412
F-163Photograph-Aerospace enhancement of Nix film9/25IV-419
F-164Photograph-LASL enhancement of Zapruder frame 413, head in bush 9/25IV-414
F-166 Photograph-Oswald Marine photograph9/6I-131
F-172Composite of four photographs of three tramps-Tramp A, Vallee and Carswell.9/25IV-374
F-173 Composite of two photographs-Sturgis and Tramp B 9/6I-119
F-174Composite of three photographs of Tramp C, Hunt and Chrisman9/6I-120
F-175Hartman measurement chart-blur analysis9/11II-9
F-176Scott measurement chart-frame to frame departure from smooth panning 9/11II-13
F-177Combined blur analysis chart9/11II-14
F-177AAcoustics overlay for F-1779/11II-133
F-178Composite of seven photographs of prints and negatives examined (133 A, b and C).9/14II-350
F-179Composite of two photographs, CE133A and B9/6I-124
F-180Photograph by dee, print 133-C9/13II-246
F-182Photograph of the reverse sides of 133A and B9/14II-352
F-183Photograph-DeMohrenschildt original print 133 A front9/13II-245
F-184Photograph-DeMohrenschildt original print A reverse 9/13II-245
F-185Photograph-Stovall copy of 133A9/14II-357
F-187Photograph of inside view of Oswald Imperial Reflex camera 9/14II-362
F-188Photograph-133 B negative showing edge marks/scratches 9/14II-367
F-189Photograph-Oswald baby picture showing edge marks/scratches 9/14II-370
F-190Photograph-edge marks/scratches on picture of the Capitol 9/14II-364
F-191Photograph-RIT test camera edge marks/scratches 9/14II-366
F-192Composite of six photographs-133 A contact prints 9/15II-403
F-193Composite of six photographs-133 B contact prints 9/15II-404
F-194Composite of four photographs-line across Oswald's chin (2 parts)9/15II-401
F-196Composite of four photographs-Stovall 133 A and close-ups of the water mark 9/15II-399
F-197Composite of four photographs-USC computer enhancement #19/15II-406
F-198Composite of two photographs-USC computer enhancement #29/15II-406
F-203Diagram of stereo view concept9/7I-178
F-206Photograph of the rifle display-comparison of identification marks 9/15II-425
F-207Photograph of the rifle display-Archives rifle from five different perspectives 9/15II-435
F-208Photograph of the rifle display-Jack White exhibits a-g 9/6I-127
F-209 Zapruder frame 1399/6I-69
F-210Zapruder frame 1549/6I-69
F-211Zapruder frame 1609/6I-71
F-212Zapruder frame 1589/6I-70
F-213Zapruder frame 1599/6I-70
F-214Zapruder frame 1629/6I-71
F-215Zapruder frame 1659/6I-72
F-216Zapruder frame 1669/6I-72
F-217Zapruder frame 1699/6I-73
F-218Zapruder frame 1759/6I-73
F-219Zapruder frame 1789/6I-74
F-220Zapruder frame 1809/6I-74
F-221Zapruder frame 1839/6I-75
F-222Zapruder frame 1869/6I-75
F-223Zapruder frame 1879/6I-76
F-224Zapruder frame 1889/6I-76
F-225Zapruder frame 1899/6I-77
F-226Zapruder frame 1909/6I-77
F-227Zapruder frame 1919/6I-78
F-228Zapruder frame 1929/11I-78
F-229Zapruder frame 1939/6I-79
F-230Zapruder frame 1949/6I-79
F-231Zapruder frame 1959/6I-80
F-232Zapruder frame 1969/6I-80
F-233Zapruder frame 1979/12I-81
F-234 Zapruder frame 1989/12I-81
F-235Zapruder frame 1999/12I-82
F-236Zapruder frame 2009/6I-82
F-237Zapruder frame 2019/6I-83
F-238Zapruder frame 2029/6I-83
F-239Zapruder frame 2039/6I-84
F-240Zapruder frame 2049/6I-84
F-241Zapruder frame 2059/12I-85
F-242Zapruder frame 2069/12I-85
F-243Zapruder frame 2219/12I-86
F-244Zapruder frame 2259/12I-87
F-245Zapruder frame 2309/12I-87
F-246Zapruder frame 2379/12I-88
F-247Zapruder frame 2389/12I-88
F-249Zapruder frame 2749/12I-89
F-250Zapruder frame 2889/12I-89
F-251Zapruder frame 2899/12I-90
F-252Zapruder frame 2909/12I-90
F-253Zapruder frame 2919/12I-91
F-254Zapruder frame 3129/12I-91
F-255 Zapruder frame 3139/12I-92
F-256Zapruder frame 3149/12I-92
F-257Zapruder frame 3159/12I-93
F-258Zapruder frame 3169/12I-93
F-259Zapruder frame 3179/12I-94
F-260Zapruder frame 3189/6I-94
F-261Zapruder frame 3199/6I-95
F-262Zapruder frame 3209/6I-95
F-263Zapruder frame 3219/6I-96
F-264Zapruder frame 3359/6I-96
F-265Zapruder frame 3379/6I-97
F-267Nix frame-corresponds to Zapruder frame 3139/6I-110
F-270Composite of two photographs of Oswald's chin 9/6I-125
F-271Composite of four photographs-RIT-nose shadow 9/15II-413
F-272Zapruder frame 2229/6I-86
F-273Diagram of single bullet theory9/6I-65
F-274Zapruder frame 4139/6I-97
F-275Report of firearms panel to HSCA9/8I-444
F-2766.5 mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, CE1399/8I-445
F-277A B CCartridge case found on 6th floor TSBD CE5439/8I-451-452
F-278Cartridge case found on 6th floor, TSBD CE5449/8I-452
F-279Cartridge case found on 6th floor, TSBD CE5459/8I-453
F-2804 Panel test cartridge cases-Mannlicher Carano, Western C.C 9/8IV-454
F-281Unfired cartridge-CE141 found in chamber CE1399/8I-459
F-282FBI test-fired bullets K1-A and K1-B CE5729/8I-463
F-284Bullet fragments found on front seat of Presidental limousine-CE5679/8I-467
F-285Bullet fragments found on front seat of Presidental limousine-CE5699/8I-467
F-286Bullet fragments recovered from under left jump seat-CE8409/8I-468
F-287Bullet fragments recovered from Governor Connally's arm-CE8429/8I-468
F-288Bullet fragments removed from Kennedy's brain-CE8439/8I-469
F-289Bullet removed from General Walker's residence-CE5739/8I-471
F-290Oswald's revolver-CE1439/8I-474
F-292Four cartridge cases found at the scene of the Tippit murder-CE5949/8I-475
F-2934 Panel Test Cartridges9/8I-475
F-294Composite photograph-CE399, CE572, CE853, CE8569/7I-335
F-295Photograph-composite of eight X-rays dental comparison #19/7I-150
F-296Photograph-composite of eight X-rays-dental comparison #29/7I-151
F-297Photograph of skull X-ray taken one year before assassination 9/7I-241
F-302Drawing of John F. Kennedy's brain9/7I-328
F-303Momentum, velocity and energy equation for Mannlicher-Carcano bullet 9/8I-414
F-304Film of tomato can shoot experiment9/8I-403
F-305Film of skull shoot experiment9/8I-403
F-306Composite of two photographs of skulls9/8I-405
F-307Drawing of the rear view of John F. Kennedy's head and location of entry wounds 9/8I-406
F-309Film of goat shoot experiment9/8I-416
F-310Photograph of bullet track in gelatin9/8I-391
F-311Transcript of HSCA interview of Jose Verdacia, 8/26/78 9/27V-327
F-312Affidavit of Tadeusz Sadowski, 9/12/789/14II-388
F-320Diagram illustrating position of occupants of the Presidential limousine 9/7I-341
F-323Report of Dr. lowell J. Levine, D.D.S., 9/7/789/7I-153
F-328Two graphs showing antimony9/8I-499
F-329Two graphs showing silver9/8I-501
F-330Chart of table values9/8I-503
F-331Report of Dr. Vincent P. Guinn, Neutron ACTIVATION ANALYSIS, 9/8/789/8I-506
F-332Letter from Hoover to Rankin, 7/8/649/8I-558
F-333Firearms panel test cartridge9/11I-459
F-334Diagram of triangulation principles (echo patterns)9/11II-24
F-335Photograph of waveforms recorded with stuck microphone (DPD tape)9/11II-28
F-336A & BPhotographs of adaptive filtered waveforms and B. recorded with stuck microphone (showing over 5 seconds between shots).9/11II-30
F-337Drawing of dealey Plaza showing microphone locations for test 12/299/11II-49
F-338Photograph of comparison test echo patterns showing Winchester vs. Norma 9/11II-57
F-339Photograph of test site from TSBD window9/11II-52
F-340Photograph of test site-Elm street from north 9/11II-52
F-341Photograph of test site-Elm Street from south 9/11II-53
F-342Photograph of test site-rifleman in window9/11II-53
F-344Chart of the sequence of test shots-array 19/11II-50
F-347Chart of the test pattern for shot 2 (DPD tape)9/11II-62
F-349Chart, test pattern for shot 812/29V-561
F-351Tape recordings of muzzle blast9/11II-116
F-352Tape recordings of sound of N wave9/11II-116
F-353Sound recordings of rifle shots in Plaza9/11II-88
F-355Chart of energy spectrum of tape segment containing the bell sound 9/11II-34
F-356Chart of spectrograms from waveforms recorded from Channel 1 showing heterodyne tones.9/11II-32
F-357Chart with overlay showing loci of muzzle blast and shock waves 9/11II-20
F-358Aerial photograph of Dealey Plaza-19789/11II-55
F-359Aerial photograph of Dealey Plaza-19789/11II-55
F-360Chart-number of shots reported9/11II-122
F-361Aerial photograph of Dealey Plaza, 19729/11II-121
F-362Chart of the reported origin of sound9/11II-127
F-363Diagram showing shock wave9/11II-114
F-364Chart-muzzle blast and shock waveforms for Mannlicher-Carcano and M-1 rifles.9/11II-22
F-365Graph-least squares fit to Channel 19/11II-41
F-366Graph-least squares fit to Channel 29/11II-38
F-367Chart of 15 best correlations9/11II-63
F-368Chart of muzzle blasts and shock waveforms transmitted by similar police radio.9/11II-44
F-369Graph-level of transmitted waveforms as a function of waveform level at the microphone.9/11II-46
F-370Chart of the correlation of best matches to determine motorcycle location9/11II-65
F-371Chart of the paning or jiggle record of the Zapruder film-Scott technique illustration.9/11II-11
F-372Chart of Scott example of Zapruder frames 139-2089/11II-11
F-373Chart-full Scott panning or jiggle record of Zapruder film 9/11II-12
F-376Drawing of Kennedy's wound location as deduced from the pathology panel's report.9/12II-170
F-377Drawing-location of inshoot wound of Connally in back 9/12II-181
F-381Oswald's Imperial Reflex camera9/13II-248
F-382Photograph-de Mohrenschildt print 133A-front9/13II-247
F-383Photograph-de Mohrenschildt print 133A-back9/13II-247
F-386Composite of six photographs of Oswald9/15II-408
F-387Photograph-133A vanishing point9/15II-410
F-388Photograph-133B vanishing point9/15II-411
F-389Diagram-photographic effect of rifle tilt9/15II-427
F-390Photograph-133C Stovall original print9/14II-354
F-391Photograph-three sections of everlays of CE133A and B 9/14II-326
F-392Photograph-full overlays of CE133A and B9/14II-329
F-393Photograph-overlay of heads in CE 133A and B9/14II-330
F-394Photograph-four faces of Lee Harvey Oswald and two chin lines 9/14II-332
F-395Photograph-side-by-side comparisons of 133A, B and C 9/14II-334
F-396Photograph-composite of four rifles9/14II-342
F-397Photograph-de Mohrenschildt print showing edge marks 9/14II-368
F-398Photograph-133A stovall original print9/14II-356
F-399Index of materials viewed by questioned documents panel members 9/25IV-255
F-400Oswald's fingerprint card-New Orleans Police Department, August 19639/14II-379
F-401ACopy of Oswald's passport application, 6/24/63-front 9/14II-374
F-401BCopy of Oswald's passport application, 6/24/63-reverse 9/14II-375
F-402A - DCopy of Oswald's self-questionnaire9/14II-381-384
F-403Memorandum of Charles Thomas, with attachment, 7/25/69, and cover letter to Stokes from Bennet, 9/20/78.9/19III-288
F-404Photograph of two men sitting on curb in Dealey Plaza 9/25IV-435
F-405Black umbrella9/25IV-430
F-406Drawing-Cutler diagram of "The Piece"9/25IV-437
F-407Copy of Oswald's visa application, Warren Commission version9/18III-137
F-408Copy of Oswald's visa application, from Cuba, 19789/18III-129
F-409Jack Anderson column, "Behind John F. Kennedy's Murder," The Washington Post, 9/7/76.9/28V-365
F-410Statement of the Cuban government re American gamblers 9/27V-325
F-411Immunity order for Santos Trafficante9/28V-347
F-412Letter from Watson Clinic re Trafficante's health, 11/23/779/28V-349
F-413AMemorandum for the record, 4/3/64, from Houston re Nosenko 9/22IV-26
F-413BMemorandum for director of Security from Houston, 4/3/64, re parole status of defectors.9/22IV-27
F-414Report of Stewart Stout, 4/14/619/19III-399
F-415Report of Secret Service, 11/30/629/11III-401
F-416Report of Secret Service, 12/19/629/19III-425
F-417Report of Secret Service, 11/30/629/19III-433
F-418Report of Secret Service, 12/14/629/19III-436
F-419Report of Secret Service re Quinlin Pino Machado, 11/29/63 9/19III-361
F-420Report of SA Robert J. Jamison, 11/12/639/19III-363
F-421Memorandum of SA William A. Patterson, 11/25/639/19III-366
F-422Report of Secret Service re Mosley Echeverria investigation, 12/9/639/19III-371
F-423Organization chart, Secret Service, 19649/19III-324
F-424Photograph of Rolanda Cubela9/19III-285
F-425Staff report on Yuri Nosenko, HSCA 9/15/789/15II-439
F-426Results of Weschler test given to Nosenko9/15II-530
F-427Portion of notes from Hart citing alternative actions, p. 239/15II-536
F-428Article by Comer Clard, "National Enquirer,"9/19III-282
F-429APhotograph of Castro conference9/19III-196
F-429BTape of Castro interview9/19III-196
F-429CTranscript of Castro interview, 9/18/789/19III-197
F-430Photograph of Betty Serratos See footnotes at end of table, p. 5839/18III-125
F-431Photograph of Ruben Duran9/18III-124
F-432Photograph of Horatio Duran9/18III-123
F-433Photograph of Sylvia D. Tirado9/18III-5
F-434Copy of page from Oswald's passport9/18III-138
F-436Copy of sketch of Trescornia prison by Verdacia 9/27V-166
F-437Photograph of E. Azcue9/18III-146
F-438Composite of five photographs provided by Cubans re surveillance of apartment 9/19III-318
F-439Tape of Silvia Duran Tirado interview9/18III-6
F-440ATranscript of Silvia Druan Tirado interview9/18III-6
F-440BDiagram of Cuban Consulate, and drawn by Duran 9/18III-121
F-441Memorandum from DeLoach to Moore, subject, assassination of the President, 12/12/63 9/21III-594
F-442Memorandum from Deloach, 12/17/63, subject, LHO-internal security Presidential Commission 9/21III-596
F-443Memorandum from Evans to Belmont 11/25/63, with attached memorandum from Katzenbach to Moyers.9/21III-566
F-446Statement of Nosenko to Hearings of the Select Committee on Assassinations 8/7/78, 3 p. 9/22IV-106
F-447Memorandum from Coleman and Slawson to Warren commission re Nosenko, 6/24/64.9/21III-634
F-448Memorandum form Hubert and Griffin to Willens re telephone records, 2/24/649/21III-656
F-449A,B,Three charts depicting monthly progress of the Warren Commission
F-450Excerpts of Sommersett-Milteer conversation, 11/9/639/19III-447
F-451Secret Service-Principles of Protection of the President; January 4, 19549/19III-451
F-452Affidavits of Secret Service agents, 6/1/64, 7/30/649/19III-454
F-456FBI functional organizational chart, 19649/20III-478
F-457Memorandum from Jendins to President Lyndon B. Johnson, 11/24/63 "Mr. J. Edgar Hoover said as follows:"9/20III-468
F-458Memorandum from Evans to Belmont, 11/26/639/20III-474
F-459Excerpt from p. 34, V, Senate Report re Hoover memorandum of 11/29/63 9/20III-474
F-460FBI memorandum to Tolson from Gale, 12/10/639/20III-476
F-461FBI memorandum to Tolson from Gale, 9/30/649/20III-531
F-462FBI memorandum from Donahue to Belmont, 11/22/639/21III-665
F-463FBI memorandum from Belmont to Tolson, 11/24/639/21III-666
F-464CIA memorandum to Chief, with/attached memorandum, 11/25/68, re using Oswald9/21III-571
F-465FBI memorandum from Belmont to Sullivan, 11/25/639/21III-668
F-466FBI memorandum from DeLoach to Mohr, 11/25/639/21III-670
F-467Memorandum from Hoover to Department of State, 6/3/60, re Oswald imposter theory.9/21III-573
F-471FBI memorandum form Belmont to Tolson, 12/3/63 9/21III-672
F-472Letter from Katzenback to Warren, 12/8/639/21III-674
F-473FBI memorandum from DeLoach to Mohr, 12/20/639/21III-677
F-476Organizational chart of the Warren Commission 9/21III-611
F-477Photograph of warren Commission members9/21III-611
F-478Record of emergency data-Oswald9/25IV-260
F-479USMC enlistment contract, 10/24/569/25IV-262
F-479AUSMC enlistment contract, 10/24/569/25IV-263
F-480USMC examination of Oswald, 10/24/56, 2 p.9/25IV-264
F-481Oswald's loyalty certificate for Armed Services personnel 9/25IV-266
F-482USMC master fingerprints, 10/15/569/25IV-269
F-483Oswald, miscellaneous information and index form 9/25IV-271
F-484Oswald, Security termination statement and index 9/25III-159,
F-485Notice of Obligated Service Discharge9/25III-179, IV-273
F-486Passport #1733242 (copy)9/25IV-274
F-487Selective Service registration form9/25IV-284
F-488Declaration requesting revocation of U.S. citizenship (C.E. 244)9/25IV-285
F-489Account of interview with A. Mosby by Oswald, 11/15/599/25IV-286
F-490AScript writing on Holland-American Line stationery 9/25IV-287
F-490BScript writing on Holland-American Line stationery 9/25IV-298
F-491Historical diary (CE24)9/25IV-302
F-492Affidavit of support to U.S. Embassy 1/17/62 (CE775)9/25IV-314
F-493Note from "Alek" to Marine and June, in Russian language 9/25IV-315
F-494Letter to "The Worker"9/25IV-316
F-495Application for rental of post office box, 3 p. 9/25IV-319
F-496Post office box rental application9/25IV-320
F-497Letter to Fair Play for Cuba Committee9/25IV-321
F-498Letter to Communist Party of USA, 8/28/639/25IV-323
F-499Photoreproduction of page from hotel registry 9/25IV-326
F-500Letter to Russian Embassy (CE103)9/25IV-327
F-501W-4 form9/25IV-329
F-502Letter to Russian Embassy, 11/9/639/25IV-330
F-503Application for employment-L. Welding Co.9/25IV-331
F-504Microfilm reproduction of rifle order-Klein's9/25IV-332
F-505A-DPhotograph of four cards from Oswald's wallet 9/25IV-333-336
F-506"Dear Mr. Hunt" letter9/25IV-337
F-507"Alek," writing in Russian9/25IV-338
F-508Speech (CE97)9/25IV-339
F-509Postal money order to Klein's-front and reverse9/25IV-348-349
F-510Walker note (in Russian)9/25IV-350
F-512Affidavit of Joseph H. Langosch, 9/14/789/22IV-192
F-513FOIA 5-1A, 10/9/63,IN 360179/22IV-212
F-514Coleman memorandum, 3/26/649/22IV-213
F-515Rocca note to Helms, 3/5/649/22IV-215
F-516FOIA 7-2, 10/10/63, DIR 748309/22IV-216
F-517FOIA 6-3, 10/10/63, DIR 746739/22IV-219
F-518Memorandum, undated, Comments of Luisa Calderon Carralero 9/22IV-181
F-519FOIA 680-290, memorandum, 5/5/64, re debriefing on Oswald's case 9/22IV-221
F-520Memorandum for Deputy Director for Plans, 5/11/64, FOIA 687-295, subject: information on Lee Harvey Oswald, w/attachments.9/22IV-162
F-521FOIA 739-319, memorandum, 6/19/64, with attachments 9/22IV-224
F-522Handwritten notes-Project AZZIFLE, with/ attached memorandums 9/22IV-197
F-523Form 201-CIA Personality file request 12/9/60, FOIA 1-1b.9/22IV-206
F-524Letter to Blakey from Breckinridge, 9/19/78 with/attached memoradum of 2/20/64 re documents available in Oswald's 201 file, FOIA 563-810.9/22IV-207
F-525Memorandum from Stern to rankin, 3/27/649/22IV-231
F-526FOIA 435-173A, dispatch 12/12/639/22IV-209
F-527Excerpts from 1967 CIA inspector General's report against Castro, with cover letter.9/22IV-126
F-528FOIA 657-831, memorandum for Deputy Director for Plans, 4/13/64.9/22IV-232
F-529Memorandum for Deputy Director for Plans, 7/8/64, Nosenko information on Oswald 9/22IV-14
F-530Memorandum of conversation, 7/28/64, re use of Nosenko information in Warren Commission report.9/22IV-236
F-531Five documents re Nosenko from Office of Security 9/22IV-36
F-532Seven documents re Nosenko, CIA9/22IV-65
F-533Memorandum to Rankin, 7/31/64, re tourist visa application time, FOIA 781-341.9/22IV-240
F-534State Department telegram from Moscow, 10/31/599/22IV-187
F-536ALetter to Helms, 9/21/78, re testimony from Anthony Lapham, CIA 9/22IV-6
F-536BLetter to Helms, 9/21/78, re testimony from John d. Morrison, Jr., CIA 9/22IV-7
F-537CIA response to Hearings of the Select Committee on Assassinations re interrogatories re Nosenko.9/22IV-109
F-538Excerpt from Church report on alleged assassination plots against foreign leaders, p. 92.9/22IV-156
F-539Excerpt from Church report, pp. 99-1009/22IV-153
F-541Article, London "Sunday Times," 2/26/679/25IV-463
F-542Letter from Hearings of the Select Committee on Assassinations to London "Sunday Times," 4/25/78.9/25IV-464
F-543Letter from London "Sunday Times" to Hearings of the Select Committee of Assassinations, 5/19/789/25IV-464
F-544Advertisement for movie "Executive Action"9/25IV-455
F-545Chart of Jack Ruby's toll calls, 19639/26IV-561
F-546Computer printout of toll calls9/26IV-563
F-547AMap of U.S. with Apalachin meeting delegates 9/28V-382
F-547BMap of U.S. with La Cosa Nostra families9/28V-416
F-548Chart, organized crime family organization9/28V-429
F-550Chart, seating arrangement at La Stella Restaurant 9/28V-418
F-551Chart-Organized crime Indictments and Convictions 9/28V-435
F-552Graphs-organized crime program statistics9/28V-435
F-553Affidavit from FBI Special Agent Kahoe9/28V-388
F-554Letter from Earl Ruby to HSCA re "Cuba" Alabama, 8/17/789/26IV-516
F-555BBC film clip re Jack's statement "No one will ever know...(2 reels)9/26IV-513
F-556Composite of six photographs of Oswald9/25IV-369
F-557Composite of five photographs of Oswald one of Lovelady 9/25IV-369
F-558Diagram-shape, distance and size comparison9/25IV-370
F-559Photograph of motorcade with red circle Altgens 9/25IV-372
F-560Composite of two photographs by Altgens and Milteer 9/25IV-377
F-561Composite of three photographs, one by Altgens and two by Milteer 9/25IV-378
F-562Diagram of Altgens photograph-analysis of height 9/25IV-378
F-563Photograph of crowd on Houston Street by Altgens 9/25IV-379
F-564Composite of three photographs-height chart display 9/25IV-388
F-565IRS audit case report of Earl Ruby, 12/19/63.9/26IV-522
F-567Letter from Jones to curry on security transfer of Oswald, 12/19/63, with attached letter of 12/16/63.9/26IV-575
F-568Diagram of basement of the Dallas Police Department 9/26IV-574
F-569HSCA interview of Don Flusche, 6/7/789/26IV-593
F-572Transcript of mcWillie deposition, 4/4/789/27V-7
F-573Report of FBI on McWillie interview, 11/27/639/27V-152
F-574Report of FBI on interview of Mcwillie, 6/9/649/27V-155
F-575Segment of Zoppi letter 9/27V-168
F-576HSCA interview of Tony Zoppi, 3/31/789/27V-169
F-577FBI interview report on Ruby, 12/25/639/27V-174
F-578FBI interview report on S.J. Braun, 11/25/73 See footnotes at end of table, p. 583.9/27V-190
F-579FBI interview report on Jay Bishov, 11/25/639/27V-191
F-580FBI interview report on Jack Marcus, 12/2/639/27V-192
F-581Postcard from ruby to Alice Nichols, 9/8/599/27V-195
F-582FBI interview report on Clarence A. Rector, 11/30/63 9/27V-194
F-583Ruby's tourist cards-front9/27V-196
F-584Ruby's tourist cards-reverse9/27V-197
F-585FBI report re Jack Ruby's bank deposit records, 11/29/639/27V-202
F-586Report re Jack Ruby, potential criminal informant 9/27V-206
F-587FBI interview report on Meyer R. Panitz, 1/14/649/27V-223
F-588Charles C. Scott letter to HSCA re Jack Ruby signature identification, 9/22/789/27V-199
F-589INS letter and documents to HSCA, 5/11/789/27V-226
F-590Warrren commission memorandum from Hubert and Griffin to Wollens, 4/4/649/26IV-546
F-591Warren Commission staff memorandum from Hubert and Griffin, 5/14/64, re adequacy of Ruby investigation 9/26IV-548
F-592Warren commission staff memorandum to Hubert and Griffin from Willens, 6/1/64, re adequacy of Ruby investigation.9/26IV-559
F-593Warren Commission memorandum from Hubert and Griffin to Willens, 6/1/64.9/26IV-560
F-594Film of Ruby shooting Oswald9/26IV-485
F-595Photograph of "Hands Off Cuba" literature9/26IV-481
F-596Photograph of Oswald distributing FPCC literature 9/26IV-482
F-597Photograph of "The Crime Against Cuba" pamphlet, 544 Camp Street 9/26IV-481
F-598Map of Louisiana9/26IV-483
F-599Photograph of David Ferrie9/26IV-484
F-600Sworn statement of CIA support Chief, 9/25/789/27V-241
F-601Excerpts of Aleman interview by Gaeton Fonzi, HSCA staff, 3/12/779/27V-314
F-602Article by George Crile III, "The Mafia, the CIA and Castro," "the Washington Post," 5/16/769/27V-308
F-603HSCA staff memorandum, 3/14/77, from Purdy to Tanenbaum re Miami trip of 3/10/77.9/27V-317
F-604ELSUR-1/31/62, Giancana, Alex and vogel9/28V-437
F-605ELSUR-January 1962, giancana and D'Arco9/28V-437
F-606ELSUR-2/27/62, Ferraro and Godfrey9/28V-438
F-607ELSUR-1/15/63, Airtel, English9/28V-438
F-608ELSUR-1/31/63, LCN summary9/28V-438
F-609NYPD Intelligence Bulletin #10, 6/7/639/28V-439
F-610ELSUR-6/11/63, stefano Magaddino9/28V-439
F-611ELSUR-8/7/63, airtel, alex9/28V-440
F-612ELSUR-8/8/63, DiPalermo and Genovese9/28V-440
F-613ELSUR-10/15/63, Jacobson and Marcy9/28V-400
F-614ELSUR-10/24/63, Costello9/28 V-441
F-615ELSUR-1963, Trafficante9/28V-441
F-616ELSUR-1963, Palisano and Petillo9/28V-442
F-617ELSUR-1963, Burno and Catena9/28V-442
F-618ELSUR-2/8/62, Burno and Weisburg9/28V-443
F-619Photograph of Santos Trafficante9/28V-384
F-620ELSUR-2/17/62, Bruno and M. and P. Maggio9/28V-445
F-621FBI memorandum, 4/22/62, re celano and Pierce 9/28V-445
F-622ELSUR-5/2/62, Profaci, Clements and "Bob"9/28V-446
F-625ELSUR-10/23/62, Marcy, D'Arco and Representative Libonati 9/28V-446
F-626ELSUR-1/17/63, Patriarca, Angiulo and Limone9/28V-447
F-627ELSUR-2/28/63, Giancana9/28V-447
F-628ELSUR-10/14/63, Giancana, English, Accardo and Blasi 9/28V-447
F-629ELSUR-5/23/63, stefano Magaddino9/28V-448
F-630ELSUR-10/31/63, stefano and Peter Maggaddino9/28V-448
F-631Memorandum from Evans to Belmont, 5/22/63, re - Valachi 9/28V-448
F-632ELSUR-8/12/63, Lanza and Bruno9/28V-449
F-633ELSUR-9/17/63, Magaddino9/28V-449
F-634ELSUR-9/27/63, J.S. LaRocca re - Valachi9/28V-449
F-635ELSUR (NYPD)-9/27/63, Masiello and DiLorenzo9/28V-450
F-636ELSUR-9/28/63, Magaddino, Magaddino and Rangatore 9/28V-451
F-637ELSUR-10/1/63, Palmisano9/28V-451
F-638LCN file 10/9 and 10/16/63, Giancana 9/28V-452
F-639FBI teletype-10/10/63, Giancana and English9/28V-452
F-640LCN file , Zerilli 10/25/63 9/28V-452
F-641Autumn 1963, live informant information9/28V-453
F-642Hoover to Senator McClellen, letter and call, 3/2/64 and 3/6/649/28V-453
F-643FBI intelligence bulletin, 3/11/64, Locicero9/28V-453
F-644Testimony of Bobby W. Hargis, 4/8/64, Warren Commission 12/29V-504
F-645Statement of William Newman, 11/22/63, to Sheriff's Department, Dallas, Tex.12/29V-508
F-646Testimony of Abraham Zapruder, 7/22/64, Warren Commission 12/29V-510
F-647Statement of SA Paul E. Landis, Jr. 11/22/6312/29V-519
F-648Statement of S.M. Holland, 4/8/64, Warren Commission 12/29V-527
F-649Statement of R.G. Skelton, 11/22/63, Sheriff's Department, Dallas, Tex.12/29V-537
F-650Testimony of Royce G. Skelton, 4/8/64, Warren Commission 12/29V-539
F-651Statement of Virgie Rachley, 11/25/63, FBI12/29V-543
F-652Testimony of Mrs. Donald Baker, 7/22/64, Warren Commission 12/29V-545
F-653Cuba book-Report of Cuban Government to HSCA9/27V-259
F-654Translation of Cuba book9/27V-294
F-661Photograph -- people on grassy knoll12/29V-507
F-666Zapruder film with sound of four shots added12/29V-694
F-667Charts of waveforms from tape recording of the Dallas Police Department 12/29V-563
F-668Photograph of motorcade on Main Street12/29V-626
F-669Photograph of motorcade on Houston Street12/29V-626
F-670Photograph of motorcade on Houston Street12/29V-627
F-671Photograph of motorcade on Houston Street12/29V-627
F-672Survey map of Dealey Plaza12/29V-562
F-673Gun Digest, 196312/29V-573
F-674Photograph showing motorcycles at Parkland Hospital with clip holders on windshield.12/29V-633
F-675Photograph showing motorcycled being driven down Elm Street 12/29V-632
F-676Photograph showing motorcycle and cars parked at emergency room, Parkland Hospital.12/29V-633
F-677Photograph showing crowd, cars and motorcycles at emergency room, Parkland Hospital 12/29V-634
F-678Photograph showing motorcycle and other cars parked at emergency room, Parkland Hospital 12/29V-634
F-679Letter to Chief of Police Curry from Deputy Chief of Police Lundy, 11/21/63, submitting plans for parade route.12/29V-617
F-680Report of Anthony J. Pelicano to Hearings of the Select Committee on Assassinations on DPD tapes, 12/13/78.12/29V-652
F-681Composite of four photographs (F-668, F-669 F-670, F-671)12/29V-628
F-682Photograph showing temperature above TSBD of 66 degrees (Murray 1-19)12/29V-643
F-683Photograph showing time over TSBD of 12:40 (Murray 1-15)9/29V-644
F-684Two speeches by Fidel Castro9/18III-159
F-685Three articles by Jean Daniel9/18III-179

1 Executive session testimony. These exhibits are printed in Volume XII. Appendix to the Hearings before the Select Committee on Assassinations,

"Oswald in the Soviet Union: An Investigation of Yuri Nosenko," staff report

Numbers which do not appear were assigned to exhibits that were not used.

2 See "The Warren Commission" staff report, attachment B, volume XII, Appendix to the Hearings before the Select Committee on Assassinations.


Letter from Ralph W. Yarborough to Congressman Richardson Preyer, 12/27/7812/29V-698
Letter and exhibits from Robert Groden12/29V-703
Memorandum from G. Robert Blakey to HSCA members, 2/22/79, re fine points of correlation of tape to film. 12/29V-722
Article, "A Physicist Examines the Kennedy Assassination Film" Luis W. Alvarez9/8I-428
Photograph of black umbrella-open9/25IV-444
Transcript of deposition of Nicholas deB. Katzenbach, 8/4/78, Hearings of the Select Committee on Assassinations. 9/21III-680
Letter to HSCA from Katzenbach re testimony, 9/25/789/21III-749


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