Special Report-Gerald Posner's Case Closed
by W. Tracy Parnell

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Probably no assassination title in history has caused the uproar that greeted the 1993 release of Gerald Posner's Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK. The book was met by critical and media acclaim but roundly rebuked by conspiracy proponents. This is not surprising since Posner was critical of conspiracy theorists (CT's) and their methods. This web page is an attempt to determine if the criticisms of the book are fair or are the product of an all out campaign by some CT's to discredit the book and its author, possibly for self-serving reasons. Special thanks to Gary Mack, Michael Russ and John McAdams for their input on this project. It will be made clear to the reader whenever the opinions of Mack, McAdams and Russ are used in any articles. All other opinions and statements in the Case Closed section are those of W. Tracy Parnell alone and do not necessarily represent the opinion of those researchers.


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